Transformation Thursday: Cabo & Picking Up 28s After 22 Years!

Transformation Thursday: Cabo & Picking Up 28s After 22 Years!

Joan Dellosa Joan Dellosa · Jun 20th, 2024

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    Yesterday I landed in Cabo Mexico for a business event.

    I’m only here for 5 days so I figured I need to nail how I handle the jet lag (7 hours behind).

    So the first thing I did was head to the beach for some sunlight and movement.

    Every time I’m on a beach or by a pool I can’t help but think of the 1000s of conversations I’ve had with people who share one dark secret:

    “I absolutely hate taking my shirt off or wearing a bikini…

    I don’t like how I look and I feel really self conscious. It’s embarassing”

    Truth is, I used to feel like this back in the day. Back when I had “moobs and a pot belly”, I’d hate it when summer rolls around.

    Clothes never fit well, being at the pool was uncomfortable, and social events just felt awkward…

    I was more worried about what I thought others were thinking of me than actually paying attention to any conversation or interaction I was involved with.

    It’s a paralysing position to be in.

    But one so easily fixed.

    All it requires is a clear plan of action with a holistic approach tailored to a busy lifestyle like yours.

    And luckily, our next cohort is around the corner, with the deadline for applications on Monday.

    Let’s fix this problem once and for all.

    In the meantime, let’s dive into this week’s Transformation Thursday…


    3 Ways To Look, Feel & Perform Your Best

    1. Structure = Freedom

    One of the biggest false economies is thinking working out or meal prepping means you can’t get as much work done.

    The irony is…The fitter you are, the more effective you become. You carry less “operational drag” around with you.

    Personally, I find my biggest problems get solved when I make more time to train. The first thing to do is ring fence time in your day to make it happen, else it never will! 

    2. Win The Mornings

    I was speaking to a group of our members who were struggling with missed workouts. When work gets busy and/or the kids are back home, it can be tough to get your cardio/steps/training in.

    I had a simple suggestion, “Have you tried first thing in the morning?”

    If you don’t have much control of your schedule, or you’re stuck in a commute, it’s the best way to go. 

    3. Is Variety Killing Your Weight Loss?

    Too much variety during a fat loss phase is more of a hindrance than a benefit.

    Always chopping and changing can make things much harder to track. Especially when it comes to packaged foods.

    Processed foods can be off by 20%. So if you’re including a lot of these in your diet, you could be overconsuming. 

    Even if “on paper”, you’re within calorie targets.

    Many “zero calorie” items do contain calories. Food manufacturers can claim a food has zero calories if the serving size offers less than 5 calories!

    Splenda, an artificial sweetener, contains 362 calories per 100g. Real sugar is 387 calories per 100g!

    Which means they are almost identical from an energy perspective… Food for thought!


    Want To Accelerate Your Results?

    If you’re enjoying this Transformation Thursday newsletter and want to never feel embarassed on the beach or pool again, you may be interested in our flagship programme, RNT Pro.
    We specialise in helping real people with real lives get real results, and we’ve proven it over and over again with nearly 4000+ success stories.

    If you’d like to apply for a position in our next cohort starting on July 1st, click here to book a call with my team. Only 8 positions remaining for this one!

    Add banner for Pro >> not the “want to accelerate results” bit Grace made. Just the Pro banner (step by step guide etc)


    3 Wins To Inspire You…

    My team and I are always sharing screenshots in an internal channel called #wins. Here’s a few to inspire you this week…

    1. Picking Up The 28s After 22 Years!

    I love this share from RNTer who’s literally turning back the clock on his gains here!
    2. Does Travel Really Impact Your Results?

    Many people fear you can’t be on a fitness journey if you’ve got travel coming up… RNTers do it differently. They STILL get results!
    3. Food Discipline When Eating Out!

    If you have the right tools and strategies, you can continue living your life! It’s all about the right nutritional education!
    >> If you want to lose weight, get healthy and feel at your best with your busy lifestyle, apply to join our next cohort here.


    Want To Go Deeper In Your Journey?

    In this next part of our Fat Loss For The Final Time Series, we dive into what exactly it takes to build muscle without amazing genetics.

    Expect to learn what makes a muscle grow, the importance of execution and range of motion, and when exactly you should be increasing the weight or adding reps to your training.

    We also cover how to maximise recovery so your muscles are actually able to grow, an often overlooked factor when it comes to this process.

    If I look at the commonalities in all who successfully stay in shape, training to build muscle whilst eating for health is one of the big ones.

    Check it out here:


    Thanks for reading.


    PS. I dropped a brand new YouTube video on Tuesday. Have you watched it yet? It breaks down the 7 reasons sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Click here to watch my newest video (and subscribe)! 

    PPS. Our next cohort is on July 1st! If you’d like to get into the best physical and mental shape of your life, with no guesswork required, click here to apply for a position. ONLY 8 positions remain now!
    Joan DellosaJoan Dellosa

    Joan Dellosa is RNT’s Data Wizard, her mission is to take RNT’s data collection, processes and systems to the next level. With an eye for detail, experience of the RNT Journey and over ten years as a leader in business performance, Joan’s drive comes from facilitating RNT’s mission of using the physical as the vehicle to transform lives.

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