Ep 388 - How To Build Muscle Without Amazing Genetics (Fat Loss For The Final Time)

Jun 19th, 2024


Ep 388 - How To Build Muscle Without Amazing Genetics (Fat Loss For The Final Time)

In this next part of our Fat Loss For The Final Time Series, we dive into what exactly it takes to build muscle without amazing genetics.
Expect to learn what makes a muscle grow, the importance of execution and range of motion, and when exactly you should be increasing the weight or adding reps to your training.
We also cover how to maximise recovery so your muscles are actually able to grow, an often overlooked factor when it comes to this process.
If I look at the commonalities in all who successfully stay in shape, training to build muscle whilst eating for health is one of the big ones.
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00:05 - Muscle growth through weightlifting with specific rep ranges and recovery strategies.
04:15 - Rep ranges for muscle growth and injury prevention. 
08:31 - Effective bicep exercises with focus on form and consistency. 
12:56 - Muscle growth and exercise selection for strength and hypertrophy training.
18:14 - Proper training techniques and tracking progress in the gym. 
22:49 - Proper form and volume in weightlifting.
26:06 - Progressive overload in weightlifting, focusing on small increments and maintaining proper form.
31:02 - Progressive overload in weightlifting, emphasizing form and recovery. 
36:49 - Trusting one's feelings in weightlifting, with emphasis on ego discipline and tracking progress.
40:46 - Stress management and recovery for muscle building, with a focus on sleep, personal stress, and acceptance.
45:20 - Managing stress and perception for muscle building and training productivity. 
48:05 - Adapting workout routines to fit busy schedules and stress levels. 
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