Transformation Thursday: How Katie got into her best physical and mental shape 🌟

Transformation Thursday: How Katie got into her best physical and mental shape 🌟

Embark on Katie's inspiring journey to her peak physical and mental state, as she shares the transformative steps that led to her best self.

Joan Dellosa Joan Dellosa · May 2nd, 2024

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    Today I turn 32. 

    What I like to do every year is reflect on my personal and professional growth. 

    After I hit “send” on this, my plan is to:
    • Eat breakfast with Sia and Chandni
    • Go for a walk 
    • Head to the coffee shop and review an article I wrote last year…

    I published it this time last year, and I’m curious to see if I now disagree with anything I wrote…

    I filmed it too incase you prefer audio / video:

    Which “harsh truth” stood out to you?

    This week I’ve been busy filming and recording content to relaunch the podcast, and start taking YouTube a bit more seriously.

    I’ve got some cool content in store over May, which I’ll share with you guys on this newsletter first.
    After years of battling poor self-confidence and struggling with her body image…

    Katie reached breaking point.

    Fed up with the lack of progress from fad diets and grappling with her inner demons, she knew something had to change. 

    She realised that to truly transform, she needed a lasting solution, not just a quick fix.

    That’s when she stumbled across RNT.
    For Katie, the 12-month commitment was the biggest draw.  

    The emphasis on making a sustainable change was exactly what she wanted. 

    In the past, lack of consistency and clarity were Katie’s biggest challenges. 

    She had the best intentions, but without the right guidance and accountability systems, breaking out of habits like drinking and yo-yo dieting were tough. 

    But now, with the RNT programme behind her, she has the structure and strategies to overcome obstacles and stay committed.

    Katie feels like a completely new person now.

    She's embraced a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. 

    Her old demons have been put to rest and she feels like she is back in control after years! 

    When Katie recently got promoted at work she said, “I know that I wouldn’t have been able to perform at such a high level at work without the support from RNT.” 

    Are you ready to embark on your journey to transformation?

    Get started by booking a call with our team with this link.
    Our next cohort is starting on May 20th. To apply for a position, you can schedule a call with our Enrollment Coach here:

    For the first 20 who register by 6th May, you’ll access:
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    I’m calling this my Birthday Bonus Stack.

    I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m pumped for you to jump on this.

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    Ensuring children receive the right nutrition is key for their growth and development. 

    From essential nutrients to balanced meals, understanding the basics of children’s nutrition is crucial for all of us.

    In our latest article, written by Shwetha on our team, we dive into:
    • How to meet children's dietary needs
    • Practical meal ideas 
    • Strategies to deal with a fussy eater
    And so much more…

    Click here to read more and empower your child's health journey:

    Nutrition Tips For Kids
    Back by popular demand, next week I’m excited to be hosting our next masterclass…

    Mark your calendars and join me on May 8 at 6pm BST to learn simple and actionable strategies to lose 5-10lbs every month (and keep it off), 

    In this Masterclass I will talk about.. 

    ✅The exact workouts and nutrition plans to follow for results
    ✅The five steps to master for a successful (and sustainable) body transformation
    ✅How to feel, look and perform at your best this summer

    Thanks for reading.


    BONUS for whenever you’re ready, here’s how my team and I can help you:

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    Joan DellosaJoan Dellosa

    Joan Dellosa is RNT’s Data Wizard, her mission is to take RNT’s data collection, processes and systems to the next level. With an eye for detail, experience of the RNT Journey and over ten years as a leader in business performance, Joan’s drive comes from facilitating RNT’s mission of using the physical as the vehicle to transform lives.

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