Unleashing Inner Confidence: Dipal's Incredible RNT Journey In Her 40s

Ever since she could remember, Dipal had been constantly searching for a solution to achieve her desired physique.

She had tried various diets, cosmetic procedures, body wraps, and spent hours exercising every day. However, nothing seemed to work, and she found herself constantly conflicted by the overwhelming amount of information about dieting and food.

“I tried so many things! Different diet plans and cosmetic procedures like body wraps and creams. Plus I was exercising for two hours a day! I was spending so much time, effort and money on trying to achieve my dream physique. Nothing worked! But the truth was I was trying to take the easy way out.”

She desperately wished she knew how to make it happen for herself. But she was convinced that it would always be out of reach.

Whenever she set a goal, she would find some reason not to take action.

“I used to tell myself, I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start after this vacation. I’ll go on a diet. I’ll start eating healthy. I’ll start working out. I remember always watching other women and pointing out how wonderful they looked and how fit they were, and  I wished I could do that for myself, but I just didn’t know how.”

It all changed for Dipal at the start of 2023 when she came across RNT Pro. She was amazed by the transformation stories and could relate to certain aspects of all the stories.

“I was on holiday with my family in Punta Cana, and I was reading through the RNT website, and I just knew I had to do this. I was drawn to the testimonials of other Indian women, and it had a huge impact. Especially because I feel in our culture, after a certain age, women don’t take care of themselves like they should.”

Beating the skinny-fat look

For years, Dipal had struggled with health issues. And it was no surprise as most of her diet consisted of foods with little nutritional value.

“I grew up on such a bad diet, and this was why I suffered from acid reflux and bloating.  I had skin issues.  I ended up with kidney stones.  My hormones were off, with my lab work showing that I was perimenopausal.  And I didn’t realise how much food impacted my body, health, fitness, everything I wanted to achieve. I had a whole pantry of supplements, and nothing worked.”

Conversely, Dipal remembers being constantly teased for being too skinny. People always accused her of pecking at her food like a little mouse at family gatherings.

“I was on less than 1200Kcal, but I still felt out of shape. I remember wearing a crop top once, and someone commented, ‘You need to cover up that fat!’ I remember feeling embarrassed. I tried to dismiss it, but subconsciously it affected me.”

Her low self-confidence and her brother’s and husband’s RNT transformation were all the impetus she needed to sign up. She was sure that at 48, she would finally achieve the figure she had been chasing for years. 

Making change sustainable

When Dipal started the process with RNT, she found it surprisingly easy to integrate the new lifestyle habits.

Initially, she thought it would be challenging to find balance but was happy to discover that it was manageable and even enjoyable.

Working from home made it easier for her to prepare fresh meals, which was essential to her. She chose not to batch-cook meals for the whole week, as she preferred to have her meals fresh and take about 15 to 20 minutes to cook. This was a significant change from spending an hour cooking Indian food.

Throughout the process, Dipal realised that achieving her goals, such as getting her 10K steps, eating her meals, and following her training routine, was attainable.

“It’s great that RNT works with what you can commit to. I picked the number of days that worked for me.  When I started, all my workouts were at home, and the coaches were so great, helping me adapt the exercises. The coaches are like therapists because they guide you throughout and help you with more than just the food and exercise plan. They help you to cultivate the right mindset.”

Building a positive relationship with food

Dipal’s journey towards a healthy relationship with food was challenging.

Guilt consumed her whenever she allowed herself to indulge in treats that weren’t part of her plan. But over time, she learned to be kinder to herself.

She realised that allowing some flexibility and enjoying treats without guilt was essential for her well-being.

Throughout the process, Dipal learned to be more mindful of what she put into her body. The days of mindless eating were over. She discovered that these habits contributed to her brain fog and drained her energy levels.

She could maintain high energy throughout the day by adopting a mindful approach and making conscious food choices.

“Now, I enjoy my food.  I enjoy being in the kitchen.  I used to think that the kitchen was a  useless space because I hated cooking.  Now, I love it.  I can make a range of tasty meals with nutritious, wholesome ingredients. It’s transformed my relationship with food.”

A big deterrent for Dipal to join RNT was a fear that she would have to eat tasteless tubs of tofu every single day.

“As a vegetarian, I struggled to include healthy protein sources. And the idea that I had to eat boring tofu was off-putting. But I changed my approach and instead of just suffering through tasteless meals, I have learned so many new recipes that have transformed my family’s meals.”

Dipal’s new approach to her food helped her to navigate her social life too.

“I started to take in a Tupperware of my food to all parties and social gatherings. I learned to block out the negativity and focus on what I needed to do.”

Embracing growth

Since embarking on her RNT journey, Dipal’s life has transformed in ways she never thought possible.

Confidence now radiates from within her, not only in her business but also in her personal life. Her body feels strong and healthy, and she’s finally reached the goal of feeling fit, lean and healthy. 

Looking ahead, she plans to reintroduce yoga into her routine on her off days, something she had previously set aside. 

“I know that this is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see my physique and strength get better and better.” 

The podcast 

In Ep 368 of RNT Fitness Radio, Akash and Dipal dive deeper into how RNT gave Dipal the tools to rewire years of poor habits. 

In the podcast she says to all those starting on their RNT journey, “Don’t limit yourself, just follow the plan, take your weekly progress pictures and put them side by side and see your physique changing, your body transforming.” 

Are you ready to embark on your transformational journey like Dipal? 

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