Unleashing the Inner Champion: Devin's 35 Kg Weight Loss Journey

Devin’s RNT journey began with a healthy dose of scepticism.

He’d stumbled upon RNT on social media but immediately dismissed it as just another online program. 

He was sure an online platform couldn’t deliver the desired transformative results.

“Every time I saw RNT posts on social media, I couldn’t help but question the authenticity of the posts. My reasoning was, how could anyone get results without in-person guidance and support?” 

But as time went on, Devin’s curiosity was piqued. Could there be something to this programme after all?

He had always dabbled with going to the gym and intended to get in shape but lacked the knowledge and guidance to fuel his body properly. The overwhelming amount of conflicting information in the fitness industry only increased his confusion and frustration.

So, his doubts began to dissolve when he looked at the quality of free resources available on the RNT website. 

The need for change 

Towards the end of 2022, a series of trigger moments pushed Devin to seriously consider making a change. 

“It all came to a head during my wife’s 40th birthday. I saw myself in the photos and just didn’t like how I looked! I looked so big and unhealthy! And even during the party, I felt really out of breath and unfit.”  

What made matters worse was that he had been trying hard to get into shape most of that year.

“I went to Vegas earlier in the year with some friends. And I wanted to try and get into shape.  So I did some HIIT sessions with weights.  I tried to follow some loose guidelines on nutrition. I had a set of smart scales that gave me information about water, body fat percentage, etc and I hoped I would see some of the weight fall off. 

At this point, I was over 100 kgs. I knew that wasn’t good, but I hoped all the HIIT sessions would help me regain shape. But I realised nothing had changed when I saw the photos taken at my wife’s 40th party. Both my wife and I did not like the way we looked.”

But it wasn’t just about looks for Devin. He had also become aware of the concerning statistics in the UK, with one in two men passing away from cancer and the rising prevalence of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, particularly within the Asian community. 

As a father of two young children, Devin knew he wanted to prioritise longevity and quality of life for the years ahead. 

These realisations and a desire for a healthier, happier future spurred Devin to embark on his RNT journey, pushing past his initial scepticism and committing to making a change.

Building a healthy relationship with food  

After signing up with RNT, Devin became aware of his poor relationship with food.

“I’ve grown up with really bad eating habits. I ate a lot of junk food. There were also many times when we would eat at home and order a takeaway on top of that!”

All of this contributed to a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating. 

“At first, I didn’t see it as a significant issue. I thought of it as harmless indulgence. Plus, I thought I was relatively fit. I could still go out and run a 5km. So I fooled myself into thinking that it was all within limits.”

In addition to his eating habits, Devin also needed to recognise the importance of other elements of fitness, such as rest, hydration, and proper nutrition. 

However, Devin eventually realised that despite putting in extra effort in his workouts, he wasn’t making any lasting progress. He lacked the knowledge and understanding of nutrition and the importance of rest and hydration.

Why couples succeed 

From the start, Devin recognised that for him to succeed, he also needed to have his wife Daksha sign up. He needed her to understand the level of change that would be necessary and needed her support to implement those changes. 

“My wife is great at establishing processes. So together, we worked out how to train, when to train, and how to batch cook. 

It took some trial and error, but together, we worked out a system that worked for us. I didn’t want to be one of those people who signed up and then failed. 

I  wanted to give it my best shot. If she wasn’t on the journey with me, then I probably wouldn’t  have done this.” 

Consistency is key 

Even when the going got tough, Devin found significant mental benefits from the programme. He had a new sense of clarity, which helped him see that the sacrifices and challenges he faced along the way were worth it. 

Seeing the consistent progress of losing weight at a rate of 1% per week was a great motivator for Devin. It was something he had never experienced before. This solidified his determination to follow the guidance and prioritise nutrition to achieve his goals.

“It was all worth it because I realised it was all leading towards something.  And when I started seeing my weight drop by 1% weekly, it helped me push through and adhere to the plan.”

Levelling up the score 

Throughout Devin’s RNT journey, he realised that this journey is ongoing and there is still much to learn to make sustainable changes and turn it into a lifestyle.

Getting into shape was just the first step. Now, Devin challenges himself in multiple ways to boost his mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

A new area that Devin is training hard to conquer is boxing. 

“I’ve never reached this level of fitness before. And boxing has always been a long-held ambition of mine. Plus, as a kid, I loved the movie Rocky. 

A bigger reason is that I grew up in quite a racist area in Central London. And from the ages of 11 to 16, I was subjected to a lot of bullying and physical abuse. It was a rough time for me. 

My parents told me to never fight back. So, I always restrained myself, even if I was being attacked. All of these experiences affected me subconsciously. 

So now I want to ‘get rid of all the stuff in the basement’, as Rocky put it in one of the movies. 

That is why I signed up for a White Collar fight in March. I’m looking forward to slaying all those inner demons.”

The Podcast 

In Episode 371 of RNT Fitness Radio, Devin speaks openly about his struggles with food. He started sceptical but has now become a firm believer in the RNT process. 

In the podcast, he says, “The physical has been the vehicle in helping me identify who I am and who I would like to be going forward. I want to be happy with who I am and how I am. I want to be in a position where I can be the best version of myself. My physical health provides a foundation for everything else.”

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