Ep. 261 Hall of Fame | Mita Manna: Fad Diets To Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions

Mar 14th, 2022


Ep. 261 Hall of Fame | Mita Manna: Fad Diets To Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions

As a Medical Oncologist, health and fitness has always played a vital role for Mita. Although her professional and personal life were thriving, she still felt something was lacking within. Cycling through various fad diets and workouts, she was left feeling frustrated and defeated. Striving for self-improvement, RNT challenged her and guided the way for her to attain her fitness aspirations. But more importantly, she was able to establish a sustainable lifestyle solution for her to be a high performer in all aspects of her life. In this episode we’re going to dive into her story, which you can read more about in the show notes.
00:15 - Trigger moment for Mita before joining RNT
07:20 - What were the biggest problem and challenges before starting with RNT
12:50 - When she started with RNT last October, how did she find the process? 
16:42 - Process of how Mita started and how it has evolved with her
19:54 - What Mita tells people who asks her to share her fitness journey
24:00 - Where was she before the process, mentally and emotionally
27:24 - What part of the process was the biggest catalyst for her
29:11 - Being a medical oncologist, how much does she see her fitness and nutrition playing a part in some of the factors in cancer and diseases.
32:45 - What do you want to tell your patients when they listen to this podcast? 
34:24 - Talks about what influenced her to go with a plant-based diet
43:47 - Talk us through how consolidation has been
48:50 - How do you feel about having a lifestyle solution? Do you feel like you're missing out? Do you feel like being restricted? 
50:26 - How’s the physical being the vehicle for you? 
52:00 - What piece of advice do you give to someone who is just starting with their journey? 
52:35 - What almost kept you from starting with RNT?
53:38 - What’s next on her journey? 

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