EP 36: Luke Leaman: Least Mode Vs. Beast Mode

EP 36: Luke Leaman: Least Mode Vs. Beast Mode

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Podcast, we talk with Luke Leaman, trainer of trainers from Muscle Nerds.

We talk about Luke’s evolution in the world of fitness, Muscle Nerds, and especially about their effective and aptly named Least Mode.

Join us if you want to learn about all of this, hear Luke’s opinion on which foods to eat, supplements to take, fitness dogmas to avoid, and much more!


“Basically, I’m a Google Translator between scientists and meatheads.”

Luke Leaman


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[2:02] – Evolution of Luke Leaman and the creation of Muscle Nerds

[7:38] – Beast mode and “Least mode”

[14:48] – How does Least Mode look and its effectiveness

[27:29] – Luke’s advice on which foods and supplements to use in addition to the training. What about stress management?

[37:07] – The biggest mistakes trainers and coaches make

[40:44] – The people Luke learns from

[46:30] – The biggest piece of dogma that Luke hates at the moment. 

[1:00:22] – What’s next for Luke Leaman?


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