Ep 367 - How To Maximise Hybrid Athlete Programming For General Population (Running & Weight Lifting) w/ Alec Blenis

Dec 12th, 2023


Ep 367 - How To Maximise Hybrid Athlete Programming For General Population (Running & Weight Lifting) w/ Alec Blenis

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio I’m joined by Alec Blenis, a competitive athlete, strength & conditioning coach, and self-confessed science nerd. With a decade of industry experience, Alec has worked with thousands of athletes around the world (in-person and remotely). His roster has included collegiate & national level endurance athletes, powerlifters, fire/police/military personnel, and OCR athletes, as well as business executives, busy parents, weekend warriors, and first-time athletes. He believes world class coaching and fitness education should be accessible to all.

As a lifelong athlete, Alec has enjoyed competing in a very wide range of events, including ultra-marathons (50+ ultras complete), obstacle course racing (Spartan Pro Team 2012-2014), CrossFit competitions (including a Murph World Record 2021), and more. His diverse experience across a broad spectrum of athletic endeavors has allowed him to coach a correspondingly wide variety of individuals, distilling his wealth of knowledge and practical experience into each and every one of his programs.

His credentials include a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech and speciality fitness certifications including CSCS, CES, PN2, among others. And the best bit? He’s also been vegan for over a decade!


0:05 - Fitness coaching and personal records with Alec Bennis
2:31 - Fitness accomplishments and balancing cardio and strength training
5:41 - Fitness approach for busy people
11:41 - Easy runs and low-intensity training for athletes
15:36 - Aerobic training and its benefits
19:07 - Cardio benefits and adaptations for different exercise types
24:48 - The benefits of mixing cardio and strength training for optimal fitness
27:52 - Balancing weightlifting and cardio for optimal fitness
31:56 - Hybrid training programs and finding the right balance
38:55 - Athlete performance profiles and training approaches
43:07 - Athletic strengths and weaknesses, endurance vs. strength training
45:20 - Fitness training and nutrition for high-level performance
50:52 - Plant-based diet and fitness goals
54:10 - Fitness hybridization and challenging common beliefs

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