EP 37 – Interview with Jake Carter

EP 37 – Interview with Jake Carter

We are joined today by Jake Carter, coach, functional nutritionist, and international educator.

If you are a biochemistry and nutrition geek, you will love this episode, where Jake talks about gut health in full details, and everything that’s good and bad for it.

Furthermore, later in the episode, Jake will question Adam and give a detailed assessment of his gut health. So if you have a similar body and eating habits like Adam, you’ll definitely learn something that can help you lead a healthier life.


“What I do find, which annoys me in the industry, are the people who say ‘Absence of evidence is evidence of absence’. That’s where people are actually trying to shoot other people down and discredit a certain service, just to either look good themselves or to have that comparison to put themselves on a pedestal.”

Jake Carter


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[2:44] – Who Jake Carter is and his work in the fitness industry

[12:48] – Microbiome – what it is and what it does

[17:22] – Jake’s advice about gluten and why it’s bad for gut health

[26:32] – Jake’s thoughts on dairy products

[29:50] – How Jake looks at every client and their bodies differently

[37:22] – Jake runs a detailed assessment of Adam’s gut health

[1:09:05] – Recap of the assessment with 3 biggest take-home points


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