· 25 Mar 2022

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How To LOSE FAT WITHOUT Terrifying Diets Or Suffering | Road To Vegan Shredded w/ Akash Vaghela

Welcome to episode 4/6 of my #RoadToVeganShredded!

I had a ton of fun filming this one for you guys, and I’m PUMPED for you to dive in and learn about:

💎All the changes I’ve made to get crazy shredded so far on a vegan diet (and some new tools I’ve added into the toolbox for you to try, meat or no meat)

💎A business update, where for the first time I give some insights into what I’ve been learning and building with RNT Fitness.

💎Why I’m maintaining muscle and strength better than ever on this specific diet, and what I’m learning about dieting that will improve your results.

💎Practical application of a plant-based diet that ANYONE can implement today (hint: you don’t need to be or go vegan to benefit)

💎What my wife thinks of my mood right now 🙈


00:00 - Intro
00:14 - The fancy morning coffee ritual
04:02 - A change in game plan from Covid-19
07:45 - Your social life doesn’t need to stop
11:12 - Relationship building when hard dieting
15:04 - A trip to Artisan Cafe
18:10 - RNT Pro Update!
19:53 - RNT has been hiring! Guess who?!
25:25 - Our recent charity work
26:29 - The Void Workshop
28:30 - A recent personal loss
33:21 - Power of meal hygiene
36:04 - My wife’s thoughts on my mood during this journey
39:14 - Why sleep has been the biggest gamechanger
40:18 - What I’m doing to improve my stress management
41:07 - Power of the diet break
43:06 - Has being plant-based helped strength?
43:40 - Why we need less vegan absolutism
53:19 - The game changer pulse you got to try!
55:30 - Great plant-based protein sources
56:50 - What do I think of seitan?
01:00:19 - The biggest game changer for sustainable diet results

If you haven’t checked out episodes 1 to 3, be sure to check them out after!
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