EP 45 – Interview with Krishan Khanna

EP 45 – Interview with Krishan Khanna

We all seek improvement. Many want a complete transformation. Listen in to hear RNT Fitness client, Krishan Khanna, tell his transformation story. Krishan lost over 50 kilos during his journey and is here to share what he learned. Hear his testimony of triumph and inspiration as he tells of the benefits that come from changing your physical and mental health.

“Start by making a small positive change and that in itself will yield to good results.”

-Krishan Khanna


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[2:00] – Introducing Krishan and his transformation

[6:55] – Beginning the journey and going through cycles

[12:11] – Facing problems like embarrassment in the gym

[15:46] – RNT Fitness’s impact on Krishan’s progress

[22:30] – Not just losing weight and getting healthy, but building a physique

[27:26] – Persevering through fatigue and growing confidence in all of life

[33:31] – Organizing your life to limit the margin for error

[38:41] – How Krishan’s transformation has inspired his little brother, family and even himself

[45:53] – The love of food

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