EP 53: Derek Natcher: Realistic Rates of Natural Bodybuilding

EP 53: Derek Natcher: Realistic Rates of Natural Bodybuilding

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio. We are joined by Akash’s very own coach Derek Natcher, a bodybuilding and contest prep coach based out of Florida. During this episode we talk all things natural muscle building, why it’s critical to play the long game, realistic rates of muscle gain (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and the mindset required to build your ultimate physique.


 “Commit. Don’t be half in and half out”.

– Derek Natcher


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1.51 – Who Derek Natcher is?

4.41 – Working with general population vs contest prep clients

6.20  – Derek’s top 3 transformation tips

9.22–   Derek’s background in training, and how he got into natural bodybuilding

10.10– When he got into natural bodybuilding

13.07 – Rates of muscle gain for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees

17.40 – What boxes need to be ticked during a muscle building phase

20.16 – Common mistakes intermediates during a gaining phase

21.34–  Why you should aim to get ‘fluffy’ at least once

23.23 – How fat is too fat?

27.01– The mindset you need to have to build muscle

28.19 – Keys to longevity in the game

32.54  – How to maximise your working sets

36.49 – Tips from Derek how to break through strength plateaus

39.45 – What makes a good coach?

43.20 – Derek’s current physique goals

48.37 – Rapid fire questions for Derek


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