Ep 65 – Nimalan Chandran: How Nimalan Achieved More in 16 Weeks than in 10 Years

Ep 65 – Nimalan Chandran: How Nimalan Achieved More in 16 Weeks than in 10 Years

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by one of our RNT clients, Nimalan, who’s been working with us for the past year and gone through what I like to call the ideal physique journey so far. After a dieting phase where he, in his own words, made more progress in 16 weeks than in 10 years, he’s shifted gears to a lengthy muscle building where it’s now all about PRs on the bar, and PRs on the plate. Having never been lean in the past, we talk about struggles of embracing the fluff, and why for the right person, it can be such an important phase to go through to end up with the physique you’re really after. Through all of this, he travels almost every single week for work all over the country, and he spends time talking about the critical mindset to adopt if you want to make progress in your health and fitness when living out of a suitcase. Nimalan’s getting married this month, and his soon to be wife Sonayna is also on her own RNT journey, and we talk about strength training and muscle building for women, which will definitely interest many of our female listeners today. We then finish off by talking about Nimalan’s biggest passion in life – the methodology of lean, a business strategy first formulated by Toyota, and a strategy he’s coined as the best way to run your business. Hope you enjoy this one!

“I achieved more in 16 weeks than I did in 10 years”

– Nimalan Chandran


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1.20 – How Nimalan’s training is going so far

4.39 – The traffic light system

7.27 – Who is Nimalan Chandran?

10.08 – What Nimalan learnt from RNT

17.04– Nimalan’s struggle pre RNT

20.40– How Nimalan got results while travelling

30.01 – Training with his wife Sonayna

33.17 – Nimalan’s mindset during muscle building

35.13- Embracing the fluff

44.00 – Muscle building for women

47.59 – Nimalan’s true passion

50.15 – The lean principles

58.02 – What does the future hold for Nimalan?

59.21 – Rapid fire questions

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