Ep 79: Josh Keegan – Getting Ripped & Using the Physical As A Vehicle For High Performance

Ep 79: Josh Keegan – Getting Ripped & Using the Physical As A Vehicle For High Performance

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by one of the members of the RNT Family, Josh Keegan.

After training for ten years and never achieving the results that matched his efforts, Josh came to us at RNT to transform his body and take his results to the next level.

Along this journey, he’s experienced benefits that have transcended far beyond the physical. His business has blown up, and he’s learnt more about himself than ever before.

What’s interesting about this episode is the timing of it. We recorded this with Josh in the latter stages of a rocky Consolidation phase, and we talk all about the experiences of he’s been through, the struggles, and how he’s coming out of it for the better.

Let’s dive in…


‘’I’ve had a new found energy since I started RNT, and it’s taken my business to the next level’’


Josh Keegan



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1.21 – The half marathon

5.16 – Training background in the last 10 years

8.53 – History of fad dieting

11.54 – ‘4 3 diet’

12.31 – Why Josh joined RNT?

14.21 – Lifestyle solution

17.02 – Star Wars analogy

18.01 – The consolidation phase

21.43 – Trigger foods

28.07 – Being honest with your coach

31.11 – Lifestyle weight

33.56 – Decision fatigue

38.17 – Why you need structure

40.10 – Struggles during the transformation

47.04 – Morning routine

49.35 – Josh’s advice for others

52.50 – Transformation and business parallels

57.12 – What’s next for Josh?

58.49 – Rapid fire questions


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