Ep 83: The Seven Faces Of Online Coaching Mastermind

Ep 83: The Seven Faces Of Online Coaching Mastermind

On today’s episode, I’m joined by the Hitman as we uncover the biggest missing pieces in an online coach’s toolbox.

We dive deep into what we call the Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching, and how in order to be an effective, results-producing coach, you need to have the ability to know when/where/how/why you should wear each of the Seven Faces.

The true art of coaching has been lost, and along with ‘base knowledge’ and ‘time & miles’ on the gym floor, the third pillar which is lacking is ‘adaptability’, and that’s where these Seven Faces come in.

On today’s podcast, we’re going to unlock and discuss the Seven Faces, while introducing the new RNT Online Transformation Mastermind we’re launching in July that surrounds this. We ran a highly successful private cohort earlier this year, and we’re now ready to unleash it to the public!

If you’re a coach or trainer, or you’re someone looking to come into our field, you don’t want to miss this episode, the article linked in the show notes, nor the announcement coming on Monday 1st July across our socials. This is a true gamechanger for mastering the art of coaching.


‘’The emphasiser separates the wheat from the chaff in the coaching industry”



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 2.31 – The RNT meet up

7.57 – The art of coaching

8.21 – The three layers of coaching

18.22 – Spending time in the gym floor

25.03 – Seven faces of online coaching

28.51 – The Enabler

32.25 – The Strategiser

35.15 – The Trainer

38.00 – The Liberator

42.57 – The Emphasiser

51.05 – The Executor

52.15 – The Problem Solver

55.23 – Being a ‘professional friend’

56.46 – Learning the seven faces in the RNT Online Coaching Mastermind

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The Seven Faces of Online Coaching


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