Ep 95: Dr Minil Patel – The Vegan Doctor’s Transformation Journey

Ep 95: Dr Minil Patel – The Vegan Doctor’s Transformation Journey

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and I’m super excited for you all to listen to this one. A very special episode with close friend and long term training partner, Minil Patel.

Minil’s story is interesting because while he’s been training hard for 10 years, he’s never had truly peeled back the layers to see what was underneath. This year he decided to flip the switch, and get absolutely shredded.

What’s unique about his story is that he’s done it completely vegan, and working erratic shifts as a doctor, which is why we’ve coined him the Vegan Doctor in this episode today!

During the podcast, we dive deep into veganism, his ethical reasons behind turning vegan two years ago, how he made the transition, as well as dispelling many of the myths that surround veganism and making progress in your physique.

We also go into how this transformation process has reshaped Minil, and why the impact it’s had was only possible because he’d spent a decade building such a strong foundation.

No matter where you are in your own journey, this is one not to be missed. Let’s dive in.


 ‘’If you’re a doctor that’s preaching health to people, food is your medicine’’


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1.23 – Post shoot

4.53 – Why Minil turned vegan

7.55 – Mini’s last steak

9.37 – Minil’s ethical reasons

15.57 – Animal agriculture

19.20 – Processed red meat

21.52 – Day in the life of Minil

26.09 – Fibre in the vegan diet

28.12 – What’s the deal with soy?

30.47 – Mock meats

34.21 – Questions for Minil

34.39 – Optimal leucine content

38.32 – Best and worst parts of being vegan

45.25 – What is wrong with being vegetarian

48.46 – Hindus and milk

50.38 – India and cows

54.31 – Egg industry

58.39 – Did Minil come across any challenges as a vegan?

1.00.17 – Mini’s training foundation

1.04.09 – Genesis gym days

1.06.19 – Favourite moments training with Akash and Shyam

1.09.27 – Minil’s lift progressions

1.12.31 – Being a doctor

1.17.40 – What motivates him to train

1.19.41 – Why did he get shredded?

1.22.26 – Minil’s body fat distribution

1.23.58 – What did Minil learn during this process?

1.25.26 – What Minil learned about himself during the process?

1.29.38 – Rapid fire for Minil

1.34.18 – What’s next for Minil



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