Episode 118 – Stazie Hyslop: Defeating Depression, Dropping 50+ Pounds & Using The Physical As The Vehicle

Episode 118 – Stazie Hyslop: Defeating Depression, Dropping 50+ Pounds & Using The Physical As The Vehicle

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and today I’m joined by one of our members of the RNT Family based Stateside, Stazie Hyslop.

Stazie’s been on one hell of a journey with us so far, and if you ever wanted to hear our mission of using the physical as the vehicle for the greater good in action, Stazie’s story epitomises this. 

Having battled with clinical depression and anxiety for over 20 years, Stazie talks about her road to recovery, and how dropping 50lbs through 2019 has been a huge catalyst in giving her a new outlook in life.

In fact, Stazie is also the co-author of the book ‘I Defeated Depression’, which details her spiral into depression and ultimately her amazing recovery. She wrote the book with her Dad who gives his perspective as the parent and how he and his wife helped with her recovery. 

The authors have used the pen names Samantha and Richard Olivier in order to protect the identities of the characters. The book is available on Amazon and in all good book shops, and I’ve linked it in the show notes today for those interested.

For now though, let’s dive into Stazie’s story!



 ‘’What’s the difference between a diet and a transformation? At RNT, you also take care of the psychological side of losing weight’’

   –  Stazie Hyslop


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1.20 – Where is Stazie from?

4.17 – Steps and working from home

5.54 – Losing 57lbs so far

7.01 – What was Stazie’s why?

9.07 – Stazie’s initial switch

10.39 – Yoyo dieting and emotional eating

12.08 – Struggling with depression

15.09 – Reaching peak mental well being

16.01 – Stazie’s strategies to keep her at her best

21.23 – The 20-year struggle

25.57 – Differences in being inpatient and outpatient

36.12 – The psychological work put in behind the scenes by Stazie

43.37 – Changing the definition of reward

48.12 – Binging and the after effect

52.37 – Self-awareness

53.33 – Stazie’s plans this year

55.21 – Stazie’s why

57.49 – Stazie’s advice to anyone who’s going through something similar

1.01.15 – Physical is the vehicle


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