Episode 204 – Can you really be healthy at any size?

Episode 204 – Can you really be healthy at any size?

Today we tackle a big question that has been growing in popularity of late: can you really be healthy at every size? After the wildly popular Cosmopolitan magazine ran a massive feature on how there is no ‘one size fits all’, and how every size can be healthy, we thought it’d be good to address why such advertising may be dangerous, what the realities of obesity are, and the future repercussions on it. This segues into a discussion on BMI, child obesity, nutrition for children, and all the science and application poured into it! Stay tuned for a big episode here!

“Whatever size you are, try not to link your self-worth to it. “

Ed Pilkington

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[00:00] – Intro

[02:50] – Thoughts on being overweight

[07:17] – Anorexic vs Obese

[11:05] – Why education is more empowering

[13:09] – How transformation allows a lot of functions

[16:00] – Metabolic health

[19:55] – Acceptance as an issue

[23:25] – Success or failure on weight loss

[27:20] – Keeping the weight long term

[29:50] – Child Obesity

[32:40] – Parental roles on feeding their children

[40:58] – How childhood dictates adulthood

[43:00] – Using food as a reward

[46:30] – Conclusion


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