Ep. 238 - How Heavy Will You Be When Lean

Nov 15th, 2021


Ep. 238 - How Heavy Will You Be When Lean

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we dissect our most popular article ever written - How Heavy Will You Be When Lean. Inside this podcast, we dissect new findings relative to BMI, example RNTers relative to their muscle mass and journey, and how to improve your standing on the ranges listed, which comes through building muscle over time. For anyone who’s ever been attached to a specific bodyweight number on the scale, you won’t want to miss this one. I’d recommend getting the article open to reference against when we discuss some of the new ranges we’ve updated inside it - you can find it in the show notes.
“Once you know your range, accept it and it’s going to be liberating.”
Akash Vaghela

03:09 - RNT is the only company to write about this topic for average people 
04:54 - Psychological barriers for getting lean
06:15 - Striving for a look, not a number
08:05 - AV’s revelation during his bodybuilding competition in 2017
11:20 - Factoring height
11:46 - Realistic bodyweight targets 
15:50 - How lean do you want to get?
18:00 - BMI averages for men
21:30 - BMI averages for women
23:45 - Some misconceptions about BMI
26:24 - Waist and hip ratios 
28:54 - Two different tables in the article 1) Shredded and lean 2) Sweet spot
30:25 - Musclebuilding after checkpoint
32:51 - Years of training matters
34:20 - People look different even at same weight and height
35:55 - You are only as lean as your fattest body part
30:01 - Everyone should go through an aggressive muscle building phase 
41:30 - Your weight should coincide with your goals
46:30 - Finding the balance
50:47 - Love the muscle-building lifestyle
52:56 - The podcast aims to dispel any frustrations 

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