Top UK Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva Achieves Perfect Symmetry In All Areas Of His Life

As a maestro in the world of physical transformations, where his surgical skills had sculpted countless faces, renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva found himself seeking a change of his own.

As a doctor with a young family, health and fitness had always been a priority. He’s been a member in many gyms and has worked with a lot of personal trainers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Always eager for the next adventure, he dabbled in various programs all his life. Trying new things every year excited him.

When he came across RNT, he dismissed it at first. He didn’t think that an online programme would work for him.

But looking through the remarkable success stories of others intrigued him.

“I saw the successful transformations of so many people who had gone through the programme. They were all so happy with their results. They had achieved what they had put their minds to, and that got my attention.”

Eager to see how the programme could help him boost his own health, Dr. De Silva decided to sign up.

You could be aiming for the stars but if you don’t have the right mental framework, it will always remain a pipe-dream.

The truth of this hit Julian a few weeks into his journey.

“After I joined RNT, I realised that there was an imbalance between my self image and what I could actually see. I thought I could get into great shape while staying at a comfortable 70kgs bodyweight. But after speaking to my coach, I realised that I had to change my mindset if I wanted to achieve what I set out to achieve.”

Removing mental blocks and embracing change is elemental to a successful transformation. So once Julian accepted the advice and followed the path, there was no stopping him.

Building A Lifestyle Solution

We always say fat loss is a lot easier than maintenance. This is why it’s common to see people lose weight and then rebound within a few weeks. They go back to their old ways and so their old weight.

“When I realised I had an imbalance between my self image and my mirror image, I had to reset my emotional thermostat. Rationally I knew what I had to do but to make that switch emotionally took a lot more effort. Only when you change that emotional setting can you change your weight or lifestyle.”

Generational health is a key motivator. And role modelling a healthy lifestyle is a great way to lay the foundation.

“I want my kids to be healthy and well, and so we play a lot of sports together. During lockdown we also started family karate classes which is great fun. We also make it a point to build a base around the dinner table and lead by example.”

Life Changing Nutrition Insights

Julian has been vegan for 3 years and all this while he believed that he was eating a well-balanced meal.

“After enrolling in the RNT programme, I realised that you can eat a third of your daily calories in one bag of crisps. I realised the importance of using a measuring scale to weigh the food I eat. And as a vegan I realised I wasn’t getting enough protein. So, when I saw the YouTube seriesThe Road To Vegan Shredded (RNT founder Akash’s personal vegan journey) I had to sign up.”

The Podcast

In Ep 336 of RNT Fitness Radio, RNT founder Akash talks to Dr. Julian De Silva to talk about his journey.

In the podcast Julian says, “Being healthy, being fit and in great shape is important because it enables everything I do to the max. I can spend quality time with my family and give 100% to my work as well. I start my day after 4:30am and being in health and in good shape is key to that.”

Do you want to know how you can maximise your full potential? This conversation will throw some valuable insights.

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