Transformation Thursday: A Lesson From The 5am Club

Transformation Thursday: A Lesson From The 5am Club

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · Jun 6th, 2024

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    When sitting down this week to write this newsletter, I decided to shake up the format a bit.

    Inside each edition I’m going to share:
    • 3 specific ways you can look, feel and perform at your best this week.
    • 3 wins to inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle.
    • An opportunity to go deeper with our latest podcast.
    Everything I share is directly from the trenches of directly working with regular people just like you who want to live happier and healthier lives.

    Let’s dive in (including a lesson from the 5am Club!)…


    3 Ways To Look, Feel & Perform Your Best

    1. The Food Audit

    Most of us have no idea how much we’re eating. I’ve seen countless research pointing to the fact that even dieticians and nutritionists grossly overestimate their food consumption.

    What I like to recommend for anyone stuck in a plateau is a “baseline audit”. This means for 7 days you track everything that passes your lips. No guesstimating or no eyeballing. 

    In an ideal world, you follow a set meal plan (to take out decision fatigue) along with a carefully calculated calorie deficit (like I share in this step-by-step guide here)

    If you’ve been trying (but failing) to lose weight, this will fix most problems.

    2. Weight Loss Isn’t Linear

    If you complete the “food audit” but you still can't see any change, then pick one of 3 tactics:
    • Reduce calories by 5-10% (time frame dependent)
    • Add 2,500 steps to your daily target
    • Add time or frequency to your cardio sessions
    Any change you make, give it 7-14 days before making another. Weight loss isn’t always linear.

    3. A Lesson From The 5am Club

    I’m reading The 5am Club at the moment on my Kindle. Robin Sharma’s storytelling is truly world class. One quote I love which I see in a lot of his work is:

    “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end”.

    When I think about a body transformation, I couldn’t put it any better. 

    It’s hard to get the motivation to start. It’s messy figuring out how to build new lifestyle habits when you’re already busy. But…the results are always worth it.

    I’ll share more learnings as I get deeper into the book! (I’m not up at 5am yet!)


    Want To Accelerate Your Results?

    If you’re enjoying this Transformation Thursday newsletter and want to take the guesswork out of your fitness journey, you may be interested in our flagship programme, RNT Pro.

    We combine 1-1 personalised coaching with targeted community along a proven five-phase methodology to transform your body and life.

    So far, we’ve transformed 3700+ people with busy lifestyles in 27+ countries. If you’d like to apply for a position in our next cohort, click here to book a call with my team.


    3 Wins To Inspire You…

    My team and I are always sharing screenshots in an internal channel called #wins. Here’s a few to inspire you this week…

    1. Stela’s story, 17kg down!

    Last week I met up with RNTer Stela to record a podcast exploring her journey of losing 17kg to go from stressed out corporate to energetic entrepreneur!

    Add picture of AV + Stela in studio

    2. Not bad to feel like you’re 23 when 51 years young!

    This journey isn’t just life-changing. It’s life-saving and life-extending!
    3. 10.3% body fat drop on a DEXA scan…

    DEXAs are as good as they get when it comes to measuring body composition… check this result out after 6-7 months!


    Want To Go Deeper In Your Journey?

    After our members’ lose weight, the most popular goal is to learn how to eat intuitively.

    No tracking, no weighing…

    The question is, how do you actually do it without gaining the weight back?

    Luckily for you, we’re sharing all the strategies on our latest episode of RNT Fitness Radio here:


    Thanks for reading.


    PS. I’m putting more focus on our YouTube channel to go deeper on how you can look, feel and perform at your best with a busy lifestyle. Click here to subscribe and watch my newest video!

    PPS. Our next cohort is around the corner! If you’d like to get into the best physical and mental shape of your life, with no guesswork required, click here to apply for a position.

    Akash VaghelaAkash Vaghela

    Akash Vaghela has spent 10+ years transforming bodies and lives around the world, and in May 2017, founded RNT Fitness to serve this purpose. His vision is to see a world transformed, where ambitious high performers experience the power of the physical as the vehicle to unlock their real potential. He’s the author of the Amazon best-selling book Transform Your Body Transform Your Life, which explains his unique and proven five-phase methodology, is host of the RNT Fitness Radio podcast, has been featured in the likes of Men’s Health and BBC, whilst regularly speaking across the world on all things transformation.

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