Transformation Thursday: Himat’s journey from burnout to boundless energy

Transformation Thursday: Himat’s journey from burnout to boundless energy

Discover how Himat harnessed his inner strength and unleashed a newfound vitality with RNT Fitness.

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · Mar 14th, 2024

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    I’m now coming up to 400 episodes on the podcast.

    That’s a pretty crazy statistic when I think about it.

    But a consistent question that keeps popping up for me is:

    “Where does this go next?”

    On my walks here in Dubai I’ve been chatting to Chandni a fair bit about it.

    And her suggestion is to ask you what you think.

    So I put together a quick form for you to give me your thoughts on how I can add insane value to your life from the podcast:

    If you’re not a regular listener, I’d still love to hear from you.

    Once I’ve got enough responses (thinking 100 ish sample size is probably good), I’ll dig into the feedback and plan the next phase of it.

    Thank you!
    When Himat reached the age of 40, it became clear that he needed to regain control of his health to enjoy a high quality of life as he got older.

    Physical ailments like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux and persistent body aches dragged him down.

    His stress levels were high which spiked anxiety and disrupted his sleep. 

    However, it was the reflection in the mirror that was the final trigger to change.

    Seeing his big belly on his short, skinny frame was disheartening.

    Overwhelmed by exhaustion and mental fatigue, Himat chose to join RNT, a decision that would prove life-altering.
    Today, Himat feels like a new person! 

    🌟He’s loving his routine and is constantly hitting PBs in the gym.

    🌟Craving for comfort foods and emotional eating is a thing of the past.

    🌟Preparing and cooking nutritious foods has become second nature. 

    This focus on healthy living has brought him back from the brink of burnout. 💯

    His professional life is soaring to new heights and he's living his best life!

    Want to know more about Himat’s journey? Check out his brand new case study:

    If you’d like to apply for a position, you can book in a call with our Enrollment Coach next week here:

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    Over the past ten years, I've tried every diet, every macro split and every gimmick out there.

    Some of the diets I've tried didn't work well for me specifically, so I won't classify these as mistakes.

    For example, I know I don't do well on high fat, low carb diets, but I know plenty of people who feel and function much better when carbs are lower.

    This isn't a mistake on my part, it was part of the learning process that everyone needs to go through to find the right diet that works for their lifestyle.

    For this week’s article, I share certain nutritional mistakes that apply across the board and you need to avoid:

    >> The 5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You Must Avoid
    When Kishan first heard about RNT, he brushed off the idea of joining, thinking life's too short to prioritise health and fitness.

    Little did he know, his perspective would soon undergo a complete transformation!

    What changed his mind?

    Dodging cameras and constantly sucking in his stomach became red flags he couldn't ignore. 

    But it was when he realised his poor physical health was denting his confidence that he knew it was time to get serious about his well-being.

    Fast forward to today, and Kishan's life is in overdrive. 

    He's established his own dental practice, found the love of his life, and is thriving in every aspect.

    Now, he firmly believes that life's too short not to prioritise health and fitness.

    Want to know more about Kishan's incredible journey?

    Tune in to our latest podcast with Kishan for the full story:

    Thanks for reading.


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