Transformation Thursday: How Rahul Shed 25kg Of Unwanted Body Fat

Transformation Thursday: How Rahul Shed 25kg Of Unwanted Body Fat

Unveiling Rahul's Remarkable Journey. Shedding 25kg of Unwanted Body Fat.

Akash Vaghela Akash Vaghela · Mar 21st, 2024

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    We’re in the middle of an insane period of 7 shoots in 7 days.

    Now, before any transformation happens, there’s always 5 big obstacles in your way:
    1. Time
    2. Life
    3. Work
    4. Socials
    5. Fear
    Nothing hurts me more than seeing someone start a journey and letting it go to waste because of one of these big 5.

    Some people will say “but oh, you just don’t want it bad enough”.

    Maybe there’s some truth to this but here’s the reality…

    When you’re a busy high performer, you’re time-poor and over-stressed.

    So it’s not about not wanting it, it’s about figuring out how to make a transformation fit like a glove with your lifestyle.

    That’s what next Tuesday’s masterclass is all about.

    In 60 minutes, I’m going to break down, step-by-step, how you can lose 5-10lbs in the next 4 weeks.

    If you follow this blueprint, you’ll have the springboard to a jaw-dropping, life-altering transformation:

    Spots are limited to make sure we can answer your questions on the night.

    Now, onto this week’s Transformation Thursday Newsletter…
    Growing up, Rahul grappled with relentless fat-shaming, leading to years of crippling self-doubt.

    No matter how hard he exercised, he couldn't shake off those stubborn pounds. 

    It felt like he was constantly fighting a losing battle

    But then, seeing his sister thrive with the RNT programme gave him the push he needed to take action. 

    Once Rahul had made up his mind, he was totally committed.
    He was willing to do the hard miles so he could reap the rewards. 

    He was determined to do everything he could to revitalise his health. 

    Through RNT, Rahul understood that cardio sessions alone wouldn’t change his physique. 

    The RNT nutrition curriculum showed him how to balance carbs and protein as a veggie. 

    With his RNT Coach guiding him, he stopped relying on comfort food to deal with stress. 

    The multi-faceted aspects of the RNT programme gave him the structure to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. 

    Rahul has now unlocked his full potential and feels fabulous. 

    Are you ready to break free from your own struggles and embark on a life-changing journey like Rahul? 

    Get started by booking a call with our team with this link.
    Our next cohort is starting on April 15th, with only 30 positions available.

    If you’d like to apply for a position, you can book in a call with our Enrollment Coach next week here:

    [Apply now]
    When I first started training, I was a skinny fat 128lbs. 

    Over the past 14 years during my quest to be bigger, stronger and leaner, I’ve made just about every mistake possible.

    While it’s been frustrating for my own progress, it’s made me a far better coach. 

    Through the mistakes, I’ve been able to relay the lessons learnt to our members at RNT, and be able to fast track their results to the next level. 

    From this perspective, I don’t regret any of them, and I’m glad I made those mistakes.

    In this article, I share 5 training mistakes I’ve made I don’t want you to make:

    >> The 5 Biggest Training Mistakes You Must Avoid
    Want to know if you have what it takes to make a significant change to your health and well-being? 

    You gotta check out: “How to Transform Your Body in 2024, Whatever Your Circumstance!” on RNT Fitness Radio. 

    In this episode, our coaching team unveils the definitive roadmap to achieving your dream body this year, no matter the challenges you face. 

    With a wealth of success stories backing our approach, we reveal the secrets behind how busy high performers balance the demands of family, career, and a vibrant social life. 

    Tune in now and unlock the answers you've been searching for!

    Thanks for reading.


    BONUS for whenever you’re ready, here’s how my team and I can help you:

    If you’re a high performer who wants to lose weight, gain energy and build confidence, click here to apply to join RNT.
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