Vegan Protein Bars

Vegan Protein Bars

This is a vegan recipe submitted by RNT Family member Adriana Pucciano.

Recipe Information

Name of dish: Vegan Protein Bars
Type of meal: Snack
Dietary info: Vegan
Time to prepare: 20 Mins
Time to cook: N/A
Serves: 2


Total Calories: 230
Protein in g: 15g
Carbs in g: 9g
Fats in g: 12g


1/4 cup of whey protein powder
�1 tbsp of coconut sugar (or sweetener of choice.. this ingredient is optional if your whey is already sweetened)
�2 tbsp of flaxseed (milled)�
2.5 squares (25g) of melted dark chocolate (can be flavoured for extra kick),
�1-1.5 tbsp of milk (I like coconut milk)
optional- 0.5 tbsp cocoa nibs or other mix-ins

Method of cooking:

mix dry ingredients together and add your milk. Then add your melted chocolate. Knead together until you get a dough. You might be tempted to add more milk but just try mixing it for a bit longer (use your fingers if you must and add extra liquid .5 tbsp at a time. This is because with less liquid, it will mold easier.)
Press into a small tupperware with cling film at bottom.. slice roughly into 4 bars and leave in fridge overnight.
In the morning they will be like chewy quest bars! The macros are pretty good too!

Are there any general substitutions that can be made? (vegetarian or meat options, depending):

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