Ep 366 - Part 2: 9 Things The Public Doesn’t ‘Get’ About Being Vegan (But Should) w/ Dr Minil Patel

Dec 5th, 2023


Ep 366 - Part 2: 9 Things The Public Doesn’t ‘Get’ About Being Vegan (But Should) w/ Dr Minil Patel

Welcome to part 2 of the episode series, 9 things the public doesn’t ‘get’ about being vegan (but should) with Dr Minil Patel.

It took me 3 years of umming and ahhing before I finally pulled the plug on meat/fish/dairy. Despite having helped 100s of vegans, I always thought I was a “unique case” where it wouldn’t work. I worried about the lifestyle, the convenience, the travel, the fitness gains. It was all in my head.

The last 22 months have proven I can feel, look and perform at my best with only plants. Only just a few days ago someone DM’d me something along the lines of: “Can you still lose weight, feel healthy and perform well without meat?” I directed her to a few RNT case studies and she couldn’t believe what she was reading (and seeing).

The past two years have taught me a lot. A few months ago I wrote a carousel titled “9 things the public doesn’t get about veganism (but should)“. It covered four pillars: health, fitness, environment and ethics. After thinking about the 9 things more and more, I wanted to do a podcast to dive deeper into each.

So I thought of no one better than Dr Minil Patel to join me on the podcast to discuss each. An NHS doctor since 2016 and Vegan since 2017, Minil is fast becoming an authority in the interesting intersection between health and ethics as it pertains to all things plant-based. He most recently presented at Europe’s largest conference on Plant Based Nutrition and has consistently spoken at the UK’s biggest Vegan festivals over the past 2 years. He’s also featured in the upcoming documentary “I Could Never Go Vegan” and I think you’ll agree, he’s in half decent shape as well.

This one is a big one so we’ve split it into two parts. This is part two. 2024 is around the corner, so if you’re thinking of trying Veganuary in January, hopefully this helps inform your decision.


00:05 - Veganism and its benefits for health, fitness, environment, and ethics.
03:00 - Veganism and convenience. 
06:46 - Veganism and food choices while traveling.
10:54 - Veganism and fitness goals.
14:37 - Protein intake for vegan athletes. 
18:46 - Veganism as a lifestyle and philosophy, not just a diet. 
21:46 - Veganism and its impact on social relationships.
25:00 - Veganism and the meat industry. 
28:26 - Animal rights and ethics at Christmas.
36:41 - Vegetarianism and animal welfare.
39:40 - Veganism and its impact on animals and the environment. 
42:02 - Veganism, fitness, and ethics.
46:11 - Veganism and its benefits, with a focus on awareness and education. 
49:32 - Veganism and its impact on personal identity. 
51:56 - Veganism and its treatment in media and society. 
55:27 - Veganism and its adoption. 
58:20 - Veganism and making behavioral shifts.
1:01:09 - Veganism and animal rights. 
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