Transform Your Body. Transform Your Life.

The RNT Journey is for those of you who want to get into the shape of your life, for life, while using the physical as the vehicle to transform your life.


We’re not taking on new clients at the moment. All our time and energy is being focused on continuing to create life changing transformations for our existing RNT Family, and building a BRAND NEW custom-built Transformation Platform, Programme and Process!

The next opening is 1st October 2021. Only 50 spaces will be available.

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City Lawyer Down 55kg Living To His Max Potential

Working Mother of Two Rocking Bikini Bod at 40

Busy Executive Loses 40lbs & Upgrades His Career

Working Vegetarian Mother of Two Loses 20% Bodyweight


A few words from our Founder, Akash Vaghela

If you’re looking to transform your body and life, you’ve come to the right place. When we first set up RNT, it was done so out of a deep frustration with the online fitness industry, where there was no real consistency in ‘results’, terrible client service and an abundance of cookie-cutter quick fixes.

We wanted to create a platform to facilitate regular people just like you achieve a spectacular, life-changing transformation, all while having a remarkable and personalised online experience.

What allows us to produce the incredible transformations you see all over our website lies in three core elements: lifestyle, education and community.

We pay attention to making your transformation journey as seamless with your lifestyle as possible, while educating and teaching you the best structure, strategy and systems to enable you to execute on a day to day basis. This holistic approach tailored to your lifestyle, coupled with our thriving community feel where you’re surrounded by like-minded people on similar journeys, acts as a catalyst for your life changing transformation.

The journey isn’t easy, nor a quick fix, and we don’t offer a magic solution. But along with your commitment, consistency and coachability, it’s a journey that’ll prove to be extremely rewarding. I’m looking forward to welcoming you into the RNT Family!


Improve Your Self Confidence

“Before I started with RNT I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I look. Now I walk on the beach freely and I’m so happy with how I look”
Shyam Kotecha


Watch how Shyam went from chubby City worker to photoshoot lean and in the best shape of his life. You can read his entire case study here.

Feel, Look and Perform At Your Best

“The results have been amazing, the proof is in the pudding with how I look and feel. There’s no stopping me now, this is only the beginning!
Sital Nakarja


Watch how Sital drastically transformed her body and life as a working vegetarian mother of two. You can read her entire case study here.

Push You To Do More In All Areas Of Your Life

“It’s not just about the physical body transformation at RNT. It’s the way you think, it’s the mindset, the education, the lifestyle…”
Suraj Sodha


Watch how Suraj lost 25kg, pulled himself out of rock bottom, and completely transformed his life. You can read his entire case study here.



Get into the shape of your life, for life.

At RNT, we know you’re sick and tired of quick fixes, yo-yo’ing, rebounding, and not figuring out how to translate any initial change into true transformation.

Ultimately, you don’t just want to get into the shape of your life. You want to learn how to stay in shape for life, make continuous improvements, and live life to the fullest while doing so!

That’s why we take everyone through our unique journey consisting of five phases that guarantees your long term success:

Phase 1: Clean the Palate

This is where we regain control of your day, build habits, and create a structure, strategy and system that works for you (your 3Ss).

Phase 2: The Process

During this phase, you’ll push hard to be in the shape of your life and achieve your Transformation Checkpoint.

Phase 3: Consolidation

The critical period of time where we focus on maintaining what you’ve achieved, and avoid the dreaded rebound.

Phase 4: Investment

After you’ve consolidated, you turn your sights to improving your physique, creating stronger lifestyle solutions and shifting your behaviour, identity and mindset to learn how to stay in shape for life.

Phase 5: Reward

The time to enjoy being in the shape of your life, for life. Your mind, body and life will be unrecognisable!

Are you a good fit for the RNT journey?

You have a growth mindset and are willing to learn about how to be in shape for life.

You are willing to take ownership and responsibility for your journey (without being hand-held).

You want to be a part of like-minded people on a collective strive to transform.

You in it for the long-term, five phase journey.

If you’re not willing to learn and are fixed in your ways, this isn’t for you

If you need to be hand held and would prefer being dictated a plan, this isn’t for you.

If you’re not willing to engage in a community of like-minded people, this isn't for you.

If you’re after a quick fix, this isn’t for you.

RNT Scorecard

What does the RNT journey include?


Getting into the shape of your life, for life isn’t easy. Especially when life gets in the way. Whether it’s work, children, obligations, surprises and challenges. It never stops. Which is why education to build a unique lifestyle solution for you is so critical. Our aim at RNT is to teach you how to prioritise health, fitness and overall self-care no matter what life throws at you. Because it’s that important.



Education is the first step to transforming, the second is accountability to take the necessary action to be in shape for life. Accountability is an important part of keeping you focused on your self-care, health and fitness when you need it the most. The accountability we’ll create for you will guarantee your long-term success as you navigate through the phases, and will encompass three levels: expert, peer and most importantly, self.



Having ownership and responsibility is the strongest commonality across all successful journeys. The details of any journey are irrelevant without this.

As a community, we’ll always be there for you – but your individual journey here is paramount, and in order to learn, grow and transform to a new level, you need to always take ownership for all that you do in this journey. You owe it to yourself.

15kg Down After Years of Yo-Yo’ing

Lean Entrepreneur on His Triple A Game!

Super Busy Mum 17kg Down, Transformed Inside & Out!

City Worker Shredded With Sky High Confidence

Be The First To Join Our Brand New Transformation Platform

It is really exciting times at RNT because we are in the process of building our BRAND NEW Transformation Platform, Programme and Process. Think of all the transformations you’ve seen on our website, now 10x it!

We’re investing in creating the best possible transformation experience for you, and if you take the test today, you will be able to secure your deposit to be amongst the first to join.

Our exclusive VIP launch in April, where we released early-bird spaces, sold out immediately!

Once you take the test, we’ll send you a personalised report on how to begin transforming, a free eBook of our book, Transform Your Body Transform Your Life, and more info on the next steps.

More details on the platform, including full pricing and features, will be released shortly. For now, you can put a £497 deposit to secure one of the first spaces (limited spots available).

Commit Yourself To A Minimum Of A Year, And We’ll Transform Your Life.

By committing to at least a year, you’re sending a powerful signal to your brain that you’re ready to break the cycle and be in shape for life. No more quick fixes, yo-yo’ing or rebounding. We will teach you everything you need to know.

Commit to at least a year and be ready to:

  • Be in the shape of your life, for life.
  • Feel, look and perform at your best.
  • Break the cycle once and for all.
  • Use your new-found confidence and focus as a vehicle to improve your career, relationships, and life.
  • Rewire your identity, behaviour and mindset to stay lean and healthy forever.

Anything less is selling yourself short. You owe it to yourself to transform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you begin your RNT journey, we want you to start with clarity on what’s to come! Here are some of the most common questions we receive:

What’s going to be so good about this future platform?

With the platform, we are building something that will allow you to truly transform through the use of education, accountability, community and of course, our unique transformation journey all wrapped into one (and we’re all super excited!).

Have a look at all of our case studies and transformations. Now 10x the impact. That’s what we’re creating just for you. It’s going to put a rocket under our mission, and be a game changer for your understanding, progress and results.

More information will be coming out each month, as this is going to be unlike anything on the market right now.

When are you launching your new platform and what will the price be?

The brand new Transformation Platform, Programme and Process is launching October 1st! We’re all very excited for this totally upgraded experience, and we can’t wait for you to be the first ones to use it.

The price of the new platform is yet to be confirmed. It will be slightly more expensive than RNT as it is now (our last 12 month package retailed at £2100), owing to the fact it’s custom-built just for you with proprietary technology, and the value you’ll gain will be significantly higher.

The good news is that you can secure a guaranteed place with a deposit of £497, should you pass the Transformation Scorecard test here.

(During our exclusive VIP launch in April, where we released early-bird spaces for this, sold out immediately!)

What happens after I take the test and pay the deposit?

The first step is to take the RNT Transformation Scorecard. If you score high, you’ll be able to secure a position in our next intake with a deposit.

Closer to the intake start date, you’ll receive an email to upgrade your deposit to the full package, as well as the onboarding process to the new platform.

Stay tuned for more information!

Will I get a coach on this new platform?

We’re going to do you one better! You won’t just have one coach, you’ll have access to an ecosystem of education, accountability and community where our entire team of expert coaches will be guiding you.

The new experience will be an upgrade from our previous methods of weekly check-in emails, and will be an absolute game changer for your progress, education and results!

What is the commitment?

Our packages are a minimum of 12 months. Transformation takes time, and if you want a solution that works for your lifestyle in the long term, there are no shortcuts!

I’ve got a busy lifestyle, can I still do this?

Of course. Every transformation you see on this page and through our website is just like you. Busy, strapped for time, balancing multiple priorities, but they all have a common goal in wanting to transform their body and change their lives for the better. From CEO, City Executives, serial entrepreneurs, working mums, etc, we can transform a whole variety of people.

Are your members real?

A crazy question we know, but we get asked this all the time given just how incredible the transformations are! If you want to get a real life glimpse of our members’ stories, be sure to check out our podcast, RNT Fitness Radio, where we bring on many of our members and explore their journeys!

You can start here:

>> RNT Fitness Radio Podcast

What if I can’t stay on plan?

We focus on principles and creating a way of life, not plans. That way no matter what life throws at you, you’re armed with the tools to make progress.

Will I get a personalised training and nutrition set up to begin with?

Absolutely. Based on specific data points we ask for, we’ll personalise your initial set up to fit exactly what you need to get going. We will then continue to teach you how to make changes as you progress through your journey.

Will I still be able to eat and drink out?

Of course. We will teach you the principles of nutrition so you can eat and drink out in a healthy, sustainable manner. Being in shape for life is not about being on a short plan, it’s about learning key principles to take with you forever.

Do you work with anyone outside of the UK?

Of course! The beauty of what we do is that we’re all online, so we can transform you from wherever you are in the world. We’ve worked with clients in over 20 different countries in the world, including America, Australia, Canada, India and Kenya.

Do you cater for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes! Despite the belief that vegetarians and vegans aren’t able to get into shape, we’ve transformed the lives of many who have these dietary requirements.

Here are two case studies you’ll want to read:

>> How Arwinder Lost 61 Pounds As A Working Vegetarian Mother Of Three In Her 40s

>> How Bhaumik Got Shredded On A Vegetarian Diet

How will I know if I’m performing exercises correctly?

We use a two-step approach here that works with great success:

  1. We’ve built an exercise library with over 200 videos. Each video is filmed from two different angles, along with the three most important cues to execute the exercise optimally.
  2. We encourage our members to send videos each week of any exercise they’re struggling with, and/or any personal bests they achieve. We then provide coaching and feedback with key pointers to help optimise the exercise for next time round.

Together these two techniques work great in ensuring you’re getting the most out of each session.

Do you recommend supplements?

For most people, we do provide scientifically backed supplement recommendations to support health, increased performance, aid in fat loss and support muscle growth during your transformation. That being said, should you wish to avoid them, we can be flexible.

Do you only help with fat loss? What about muscle building?

Not at all. Fat loss is only the first part of the journey. Once you reach your Transformation Checkpoint in the shape of your life, you’re in a much better position to then build muscle and make overall improvements to your physique. That’s what the Investment phase is all about!

Have a read of Tom’s case study here, where he shows the power of long term Investment phases:

>> Tom Hollis Case Study: How To Invest In Your Ultimate Physique

Can you work around injuries?


Injuries aren’t the time to stop progress; it’s the perfect time to build resilience, explore options and get expert help around the injury (like with our online physio partners here). Most people who stop training find it harder to get back and often fall off. We have a saying – ‘two weeks of not doing something, will take you two months to get it back.’ There’s always something you can do, so if injuries occur, it’s always a case of focusing on what you can do, and working together with the experts to help you rehabilitate the affected area.

I travel a lot, I don’t think I’ll be able to commit properly.

With regards to your travel, we have many clients who travel as frequently as every other week for work and/or leisure, but still manage to achieve incredible results. In fact, many of our coaches also live a nomadic lifestyle and stay in great shape all the time, so they can relate to your struggles. The real key is to have systems and habits in place that are transferable to any environment you’re in, so that travel doesn’t become a limiting factor.

>> How To Maintain Your Gains While Travelling

I’ve tried everything before, what makes RNT different?

We’re not like anything else in the fitness industry. As crazy as it sounds, I like to think we’ve created our own industry. At RNT, everything is holistic.

It goes way beyond simply training and diet plans (they’re only two tiny pieces of our Transformation Jigsaw). These are only a few tools to help you physically transform, which with our unique methodology, serves as the vehicle for all areas of your life to develop.

By working on your 3Ss (structure, strategy, systems), creating high levels of accountability, and going through the five phases of the journey, you’ll experience benefits that go way beyond the physical.

To add to this, and outside of our proven track record of results (of which you will have seen all over our website and social media), we have two more trump cards. The first is education. You’ll have seen the plethora of content we’ve produced in our blog, podcasts and videos that we produce for free. What’s special is when you start the RNT journey, it all begins to make sense, and it takes on a life of its own.

The second is community. When you combine our holistic approach, unique methodology and education with our thriving community, where you’re surrounded everyday by like-minded people on similar journeys, it acts as a catalyst for a life changing transformation coming your way.

If you’ve not read this article, showing how different pieces of the puzzle interplay in our RNT Transformation Journey, click here.

BONUS: What’s most exciting right now is what we’re building! We’re investing heavily into custom built technology to completely upgrade your transformation experience. This is going to be an absolute game changer!


In The Shape Of His Life at 42 Years Young!

Toned, Athletic & Feeling On Top Of The World

Busy Executive Firing On All Cylinders

Mother In Her 40s Turning Back The Clock