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I’ve known Akash for 21 years, and you will not find anyone as passionate about fitness as him and the RNT team. So I knew when I approached RNT back in April, they’d be hungry for this challenge.

At the outset, I want to stress that I’m very much like your ordinary gym-goer. I’m not blessed with the genetic make up of a sprinter or a gymnast, but what I do have is the desire, self-belief and mental focus to commit to a body transformation.

Using RNT makes the process very easy. I could email at any time and I knew I’d always get a response within 24 hours. If there was an issue, they’d solve it. If I needed advice, they’d give it. They had every base covered. Truth is, RNT is more than coaching.

RNT genuinely care about what you accomplish together.

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Tom B

‘The past 3 years have been incredible. I’ve seen a massive shift in both the physical and the mental, which I never thought I could achieve before. Going through this process I’ve managed to transform my body to a level I didn’t think was possible. I had been saying for years that each year I would do it and commit but it never happened. Having the accountability of RNT and the knowledge of the RNT team helped me reach my goals and exceed them immensely. I got to a stage where my cholesterol levels had dropped to normal and all other blood indicators were healthy as well. I felt healthier than I had ever done and this reflected in mental state too. I had suddenly gained so much more confidence in myself, not just the way I looked but the way I acted and spoke, which resonated in my working life as well. Going through this process isn’t just about getting into the best shape of your life, it has much more far-reaching impacts in every aspect of your life that lead to a holistic self-improvement.
I can’t express enough how much RNT has transformed my life. I’m a completely different person to who I was 3 years ago both physically and mentally. I honestly believe I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without the support network you have put in place. For anyone who’s considering undergoing this process you should know that you’ll only get out what you put in. Your “why” needs to be strong enough for you that when it gets tough and mentally straining that “why” will push you forward. There’s no magic pill to reach your targets, but RNT can definitely work with you to make them come to realisation.’


I am a mother of three children who were all born 17 months apart, which meant only a few years ago I was running around 3 children all under the age of 3 ½ years old! It was hectic and busy but I loved it, and have always had a strong maternal character.

I was also someone who had always been active person, and I took pride in my appearance. Butthe demands of motherhood, juggling work commitments and supporting my husband as he ran his business resulted in my eating patterns deteriorating, and I no longer went to the gym. I was always running around doing things and I started eating on the go, not having set meals, snacking and not really thinking about what I was putting into my body.

Mentally I just did not have the energy to think about healthy eating nor was I considering how much food I was consuming. Junk food was convenient and easy, and picking on the children’s leftovers became a bad habit. We’ve been fortunate to holiday a lot with the children, and given they were young, all-inclusive holidays were an easy option. But it also meant I over indulged, especially as I have always been a foodie!! The extra pounds gradually piled on.

My children are a little bit older now and as I approached 2018 aged 42, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I was overweight; most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I felt awful, I lacked energy, and I started buying clothes that hid my body. I had always been active and I always encouraged my children to be active so we had joined a health club in my late 30s and started worked out. But I was directionless and didn’t modify my eating, so saw very little improvement in my physique. I felt self-conscious in the gym as I knew my body shape wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Something then clicked inside of me. I wanted to be a good role model to my daughters and my son. And show them looking after your health was very important. I have always believed you must look after your mind body and soul, and finally the clarity of this was coming to me. I started to really WANT to get fitter and WANT to eat healthier I knew what I wanted but the HOW was the difficulty. By total coincidence, we saw our friends Anand and Gita post up pictures of their transformations with RNT, and they impressed and inspired both me and my husband.

I wanted to get back to doing something for myself. The nutrition plans were quick and easy, and it took the thinking out, which was most important given I was still a busy mum! All it takes was pre-preparation, and learning to batch cook. It was difficult to begin with, but a habit that’s now instilled into me, and helps us all so much!

The best part of the plan was the training, and having previously been self-conscious/intimidated, I now love it. Even our kids come and train with us, come for walks with us, and have learnt so much about living a healthier lifestyle. They’re my biggest support, and keep pushing me! I know they’ll remember this family lifestyle change forever. Giving back to the next generation is one of the best things RNT have done for me so far.

The weekly accountability was KEY for me. To have someone look at your pictures (which don’t lie!) on a weekly basis made you want to make sure you did everything possible to achieve your goals. For me, RNT was not just about superficial objectives of having a better body, it was a lifestyle change. I now have an education and have learnt so much about nutrition,cardiovascular fitness and weight training.

Health brings happiness. It’s been about building my internal self, being mentally happier, which means I’m now more productive and energetic, and so have a more active family lifestyle. I’m a better role model to my kids, and I know that your children judge you by your actions more than with the words you say, so this was an important journey to go through.

None of this would be possible without RNT’s 7 start service. Their knowledge, ability to motivate during times of plateau, and fast responses are all amazing! They’re also truly holistic in their approach with motivating blogs, podcasts and email updates being created throughout.

I am now 43 and in the bestshape of my life. I feel so much better and my wardrobe that was collecting dust from years ago now all fits!! I plan to continue with my journey and keep developing my physique, I still see that I have a further to go. But to get to this stage, I would like to say a huge thank you to RNT, you deserve all the success going forwards!

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Prior to working with RNT, I had struggled with my weight for many years. This was a result of poor lifestyle choices and a lack of understanding about both nutrition and exercises which were appropriate for me. Having started out at over 120kg, I had some initial success through various dieting techniques. However, the benefits of these were only ever short term and I was still searching for permanent lifestyle changes that would better my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I treated gym time as a means to an end because I did not enjoy it. I was unsure of what I was meant to be doing to get the results and I found that I was constantly injuring myself too. I felt incapable of going to the gym on my own and was always relying on other people. Really, I was just looking for any excuse to not go to the gym because I hated it. At the time I started working with RNT, I was stuck in a cycle which I think a lot of people can relate to: holding things together and being relatively good between Monday-Friday, and then falling off the wagon on the weekends and undoing any hard work put in during the week. The constant yo-yo’ing between these two states left me feeling very frustrated.

I had been wanting to work with RNT for a while after following Akash on social media whilst he got shredded for his competition. I sat up and took notice after seeing RNT’s website and the way in which they were regularly turning out incredible transformations for normal people. It made me realise that I had wrongly convinced myself that I wasn’t capable of achieving the physique that I wanted, and that I was capable of getting lean with the right guidance. I actually received free coaching from Akash for 3 months after winning an RNT competition. I also realised that I was about to enter a busy and stressful profession where it would become difficult to live a healthy lifestyle without the right habits and non-negotiables already set up. I needed to make my health and wellbeing my priority.

The process of working with RNT was seamless and everything is set up for you to succeed, provided that you put in the work required. A common phrase that I remember from my time with RNT is that “it’s simple, not easy”. Akash made an exercise plan that worked around my busy lifestyle and injury history. With nutrition, he put an emphasis on educating me about the core principles behind fat loss and muscle gain.This allowed me to be flexible with my food choices. In the long term, this versatility has allowed me to attain my fitness goals whilst attending social functions, work events and travelling in the past few months. Most importantly, working with RNT took the thinking out the process for me. Akash made the necessary tweaks, which meant I could just focus on executing the plan. Sometimes, this meant pushing harder and capitalising on extra energy I had. But sometimes, this also meant understanding when I was emotionally or physically depleted (as is possible during a long diet) and easing off a bit, like when I had a diet break in June.  This has kept me motivated throughout the process and allowed me to play the long game.

My results with RNT have gone way beyond anything I expected to achieve. I am proud of my photos because they represent the culmination of months of hard work. I didn’t have the photos taken to show off to other people- I wanted them as a reminder of what I achieved with my hard work. It is something that no one can take away from me, and the self-belief and confidence that has come with this is amazing. The reaction of people I know is overwhelming and I find it borderline ridiculous that I am sometimes approached by people for fitness advice, when I was a just a fat dude spinning his wheels 12 months ago. I am proud that my own story has helped push people close to me to the next level. My 56-year-old mum is smashing weight sessions 3 times a week and getting incredible results. My 12 year old brother is conscious of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition choices, which means he is already set up to avoid many of the mistakes that I made as an adolescent.

Most importantly, getting photoshoot lean required a level of sacrifice and mental fortitude that I have never had to put myself through in any way, but going through the whole process helped me to develop a warrior mentality with an all or nothing approach. I went from hating the gym to loving the entire process. Starting with little knowledge and listening to your coach is a humbling experience which undoubtedly improves you as a person if you have the right attitude.

It’s been life changing.

Adam G

I am a London based entrepreneur, the Founder of Capital Living, a Co-living house share company, and the Host and Mentor of Property Entrepreneur – the UK’s leading property business growth programme.

I have always been a fitness fanatic, having a background in Rugby and the British Army. However, the London lifestyle coupled with the long hours and sacrifices required to start and scale a business had their effect on me. My fitness levels and weight have varied accordingly over the years.

In December 2017 I undertook a sailing crossing of the Atlantic. This resulted in a lot of sitting still and eating Jaffa cakes! So in 2018 I wanted to get back in shape. After some initial success, I plateaued around July and that’s when I decided to start working with RNT.

 The catalyst for working with RNT was a few things for me:

1. Credibility: Two friends of mine Shiv and Akash had amazing results 2. I wanted results: I realised I was just working within the limits of my existing knowledge and therefore would only achieve what I had previously. This time I wanted more. 3. Accountability: we all need this, even the most self motivated amongst us. I know I perform better when someone is watching so I decided to commit to third party accountability. Also, I find when I pay for something I work a lot harder to get my money’s worth!

You will find the process of working with RNT a journey. There is a steep learning curve to begin with, a lot of new information and habits to adopt. Don’t expect instant results, you need to relearn a great deal and this long lasting change takes time. My top three tips to someone who is about to start working with RNT would be:

1. Trust the process. This stuff works, don’t question it or think you are different. Just give their way a chance. 2. Communicate. Stay in constant contact with RNT, be honest and ask for help. They have seen it all. 3. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and progress will come in waves, some things will work more than others and there is some trial and error. Plus, we are all human so play the long game.

I am very proud of my results but the real credit must go to RNT. I’ve felt change through my life as a result of working with RNT and I’ve learnt a great deal about myself. It’s lead to long term lifestyle changes as I’m enjoying looking and feeling so great!

Thanks RNT. Big love.


Shiv Haria

When I was introduced to RNT, I had no real drive to get a beach body other than it would be a nice to have. I had been training with a PT for about a year before then, but to be completely honest, although I felt stronger, I still looked very similar to when I started. I was massively sceptical and wanted to give RNT a run for their money, thought ‘we’ll see how it goes’.

However, within the first month, I started seeing a change in my body composition. It was insane how quick the changes were to appear as I dropped body fat and increased muscle simultaneously – something that I had previously heard and believed was impossible.

The weekly check-ins kept me accountable and made sure that I didn’t deviate. Especially when I would try sneak in little bits of chocolate!

Two photoshoots later and now sporting a physique I had only previously dreamed of, I thought to myself, ‘I’m done now – I don’t need RNT anymore’. However, the period after the initial transformation has actually been the most useful RNT have been. Having helped me to achieve the body I had only previously dreamed of, the trick was how to keep it going forwards without having to weigh out all my food, and live life.

For less than £200pm, RNT provided me with a lifechanging physical transformation which has been the start of a whole life transformation. Is it worth it? Without a doubt!


Being an identical twin people can’t help but compare you. I was always the chubbier one. People told us apart by calling me “the fat one with the scar. This stuck and soon my nickname as a child became “jaadi” (Indian for fat). This soon phased out as I grew older but it was engrained in my head. I felt like the “fat” one and struggled with my weight and body image.

I have always enjoyed working out but have had difficulty when it comes to controlling my diet. I often binge and fall prey to impulsive eating/drinking without placing limits. It was ok for me to eat what I wanted as Iong as I worked out. This approach was fine in my 20’s and 30’s but after having kids the weight just wouldn’t budge and every year it would add on.

I was approaching 40 and gave myself a goal to be “fit at 40” and reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer. 20 sessions later I looked exactly the same with no change in my weight. I was working out by myself at least 4-6 times a week with nothing to show for it. Something had to change.

It was at this point I saw Geeta’s transformation on FB and was amazed at her results with RNT. I had the will but just needed the way.

I joined RNT Fitness and haven’t looked back since. It has been a juggling act between being a mother, a wife, working as a physio in a busy NY hospital, commuting and exercising. But I had a drive and a future goal to wear a bikini on my next holiday. The start was difficult figuring out macros, weighing food and meal prepping (spending time being hangry!). The results however came in quickly and week after week I would see my weight drop or notice an improvement physique. This kept me motivated, and kept me going on.

With the help of the my coach’s expertise and being accountable to him even on those slip up days I was able to push through and surpass my goal. I am now actually below my pre-pregnancy weight and have dropped from a US size 12 size to a size 4!!! And finally wore that bikini.


”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is possibly the most accurate way of describing what RNT does in the context of coaching. Since commencing my fitness journey, their guidance and versatile approach have allowed me to not only transform from being overweight, depressed and borderline diabetic with zero confidence into something I never believed I could achieve, but also acquire a very thorough and comprehensive understanding of the science and art behind changing your body, and learning how to maintain it year-round.

Sure, there’s nothing special in what they are doing, but it’s RNT’s simplistic approach, educating while transforming, 5-star support and the personal touch they bring in is what makes things magically different from every other online coaching company/platform out there.

I urge anyone with physique oriented goals to allow RNT to do for you what they have done for me, and I can almost guarantee you shall not be disappointed! Signing up to RNT has been the best decision I’ve made. I’ve lost 100+lbs (113kg > 66kg), 18 inches off my waist, switched careers, and changed my entire lifestyle to now serve me. All the stress, fear, doubt and borderline diabetes have left me. It’s been a hell of a journey so far. When I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, they always supported me and kept me going.

Had I not had RNT by my side, my dream of getting that cover model physique would’ve remained a dream itself.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – In a world full of so-called qualified, airbrushed and zero experience coaches, RNT are the real deal. A real game changer.

And for anyone worried online coaching doesn’t work? I’ve worked with RNT from Jaipur, India, half way across the world from them. It’s not just about a diet or training plan, it’s so much more. It’s a simple, clear and the best roadmap to your goals. Even though it’s online, I feel like I know them all at RNT, and feel part of a community that lifts me and pushes me to a new level!

I really appreciate RNT’s investment into my life, and it’s really been an amazing experience so far! We’re only just getting started!


I’ve been working with RNT for 3 years. During that time not only has my physique improved significantly. But as a trainer myself, I’ve gained some extremely valuable knowledge. Knowledge I wouldn’t get anywhere else apart from having such a great mentor/coach as Akash. This year I decided it was time to take it to the next level and commit to a photoshoot. Akash has always said he believes that trainers should get extremely lean at least once, and for the experience, that’s exactly what I did. I have always had complete faith in RNT to lead me to the condition I needed. Without fail, they delivered. Creating my training and nutrition based on my preference, lifestyle, and his own successful experiences. Checking in with me all the way till the very last day, and then being present at the photoshoot itself screams volumes of the kind of coach Akash is. I wouldn’t be where I am today without RNT’s guidance. In health and business. I look forward to continuing under the guidance of RNT.


I have always been passionate about fitness and sport from a young age having competed in swimming, table tennis, squash, cricket, track and field, football and rugby at various levels from school, provincial and university to national and international. I even founded and ran a gym in Nairobi from mid 2016 to end 2017!

As a stereotypical ectomorphic vegetarian of Indian ethnicity, I was barely 58kg at nearly 6’0 and 17 years old. I took up weight training/bodybuilding with a goal to put on some muscle on my scrawny frame and developed an enduring love for it. During the first 5 years I made steady, albeit slow progress. However, at 23 I got overly impatient and bulked up too fast to 95kg – adding disproportionately more fat than muscle in the process. At the time I didn’t realize this and was actually rather pleased with my progress. After pretty much wasting the subsequent decade due to lack of real structure and consistency in my nutrition and training and a few prolonged hiatuses from lifting ranging from 6-18 months each, I decided to take decisive action and truly commit to finally get lean for the first time since my novice lifting days to achieve a longstanding goal.

I happened to come across an article written by Akash for Testosterone Nation in early January 2018 and was surprised and intrigued to come across another person of Indian origin writing for such a reputed and ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding website. I went on to check out his Instagram page as well as the content on RNT Fitness including client case studies, Akash’s bodybuilding prep, articles on mindset, etc. Coincidentally, I also came across people I was acquainted with who were RNT clients (Jas and Sakhi) and after learning about their positive experiences and excellent transformations I knew I had to sign up! The client case study/transformation that really inspired me to sign up was the one on Mitesh, who lost over 30kg in 6 months and got shredded; not to mention very strong! I told myself if he could it, the least I could was try.

In retrospect, I realised prior to signing up with RNT, I was spending a lot of time in the gym lifting and feeling sore all the time but was doing way too many things wrong. These included: lack of accountability, no real focus or goals, no structured nutrition or training plan, not weighing my food nor meal prepping, constant programme hopping, general lack of consistency across the board, bingeing on food too often, training with too much volume instead of focusing on progressive overload with correct form, rarely doing cardio, not logging my workouts! Considering all this, it’s hardly surprising I didn’t look the way I wanted to.

I decided to try and lose some weight on my own for the first 3-6 months of 2018 using the free and consistently high quality content shared on the RNT website and Instagram pages and sign up thereafter. Alas, this never happened as I had no real accountability to anyone. I would lose a few kg but proceed to put it back on in a few weeks. I finally bit the bullet and decided to sign up in late May and started in late July after returning several kilos heavier from an indulgent holiday in South East Asia.

I knew I had an uphill task from the outset and this would be the most ambitious fitness goal I had ever set myself – I had pretty much the same goal every year but never really pursued it with the seriousness, structure and consistency it would require. If anything, I was stuck in a prolonged rut and my body fat levels just kept creeping up in recent years.

At over 102kg and easily 30% (if not more) in body fat, I had set myself a goal to get into the best shape of my life. I wanted to get shredded in 6 months and was aiming for below 12% body fat. My RNT coach has been prompt in responding to my constant (and often complicated questions) in a succinct manner and has provided a lot of support based on his own experiences and challenges in his fitness journey. His practical methods/approach have proven helpful to me in changing old habits many of which I have struggled with for years. I believe this is where the real value in online coaching comes in. He knows when to push me and doesn’t hesitate to give me a tough time when we both know I deserve it but also knows when to be empathetic and supportive which has been crucial especially when I kept bingeing in the last stages of the cut! Working with RNT Fitness has helped me achieve a longstanding physical goal.

In the course of 7 months, I lost 50lbs, 10 inches off my navel got to single digit body fat and hit PRs on most of my major lifts. I went from not training my legs for 4 months due to an ACL injury to my strongest ever while on a caloric deficit – e.g. 270kg V squat for 10 reps, 52kg dumbbells on split squats for 12 reps. The best part though was not doing any direct ab training for the coveted six pack.

I look forward to beating my photoshoot condition next year after adding some more quality muscle to my frame! I am now working on leveraging the structure, consistency and skills gained into my personal and professional life. It has been a holistic process of self-improvement and I have only just begun as I know I have a lot of potential to improve in all aspects of life.

I would highly recommend RNT Fitness to anyone genuinely committed to changing their body and more significantly, life in a sustainable manner for the long-run. In fact, so far over a dozen of my family and friends (including my wife who has lost almost 20 lbs) have signed up since seeing my progress/results and are already benefiting from the process.