I’ve known Akash for 21 years. I may be biased as I write this, but you will not find anyone as passionate about fitness as him. So I knew when I approached him back in April, he’d be hungry for this challenge.


At the outset, I want to stress that I’m very much like your ordinary gym-goer. I’m not blessed with the genetic make up of a sprinter or a gymnast, but what I do have is the desire, self-belief and mental focus to commit to a body transformation.


Using Akash as a coach makes the process very easy. I could email him at any time and I knew he’d respond within a few minutes. If there was an issue, he’d solve it. He had every base covered. If I needed advice, he’d call or Whatsapp me immediately. Truth is, he’s more than a coach.


At the end of the journey, Akash was probably more happy at what we achieved than I was. That sums him up – he lives through his clients, and genuinely cares about what you accomplish together.


I am a mother of three children who were all born 17 months apart, which meant only a few years ago I was running around 3 children all under the age of 3 ½ years old! It was hectic and busy but I loved it, and have always had a strong maternal character.


I was also someone who had always been active person, and I took pride in my appearance. Butthe demands of motherhood, juggling work commitments and supporting my husband as he ran his business resulted in my eating patterns deteriorating, and I no longer went to the gym. I was always running around doing things and I started eating on the go, not having set meals, snacking and not really thinking about what I was putting into my body.


Mentally I just did not have the energy to think about healthy eating nor was I considering how much food I was consuming. Junk food was convenient and easy, and picking on the children’s leftovers became a bad habit. We’ve been fortunate to holiday a lot with the children, and given they were young, all-inclusive holidays were an easy option. But it also meant I over indulged, especially as I have always been a foodie!! The extra pounds gradually piled on.


My children are a little bit older now and as I approached 2018 aged 42, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I was overweight; most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I felt awful, I lacked energy, and I started buying clothes that hid my body. I had always been active and I always encouraged my children to be active so we had joined a health club in my late 30s and started worked out. But I was directionless, and didn’t modify my eating, so saw very little improvement in my physique. I felt self-conscious in the gym as I knew my body shape wasn’t where I wanted to be.


Something then clicked inside of me. I wanted to be a good role model to my daughters and my son. And show them looking after your health was very important. I have always believed you must look after your mind body and soul, and finally the clarity of this was coming to me. I started to really WANT to get fitter and WANT to eat healthier I knew what I wanted but the HOW was the difficulty. By total coincidence we saw our friends Anand and Gita post up pictures of their transformations with RNT, and they impressed and inspired both me and my husband.


I wanted to get back to doing something for myself. The nutrition plans were quick and easy, and it took the thinking out, which was most important given I was still a busy mum!All it takes was pre-preparation, and learning to batch cook. It was difficult to begin with, but a habit that’s now instilled into me, and helps us all so much!


The best part of the plan was the training, and having previously been self-conscious/intimidated, I now love it. Even our kids come and train with us, come for walks with us, and have learnt so much about living a healthier lifestyle. They’re my biggest support, and keep pushing me! I know they’ll remember this family lifestyle change forever. Giving back to the next generation is one of the best things RNT have done for me so far.


The weekly accountability was KEY for me. To have someone look at your pictures (which don’t lie!) on a weekly basis made you want to make sure you did everything possible to achieve your goals. For me, RNT was not just about superficial objectives of having a better body, it was a lifestyle change. I now have an education and have learnt so much about nutrition,cardiovascular fitness and weight training.


Health brings happiness. It’s been about building my internal self, being mentally happier, which means I’m now more productive and energetic, and so have a more active family lifestyle. I’m a better role model to my kids, and I know that your children judge you by your actions more than with the words you say, so this was an important journey to go through.


None of this would be possible without RNT’s 7 start service. Their knowledge, ability to motivate during times of plateau, and fast responses are all amazing! They’re also truly holistic in their approach with motivating blogs, podcasts and email updates being created throughout.


I am now 43 and in the bestshape of my life. I feel so much better and my wardrobe that was collecting dust from years ago now all fits!! I plan to continue with my journey and keep developing my physique, I still see that I have a further to go. But to get to this stage, I would like to say a huge thank you to RNT, you deserve all the success going forwards!


After years of bad food choices and being somewhat sedentary (aside from the odd 5-aside football match) I was recommended Adam through a mutual friend. Within 16 weeks I went from having never lifted a weight to being approached by others for fitness related advice!


Since achieving this transformation, I’ve been bitten by the bug so much that I’ve become a fitness model photographer myself!


I came to Adam with one competitive season under my belt already. I’d used previous coaches but was looking for that little extra detail and knowledge I’d heard that Adam would be able provide.


It was definitely the best decision I could have made – in our first show working together, we managed to get an invite to prestigious UKBFF British Finals! We’re now in our second year of working together and on track for some huge improvements.

Shiv H

When I was introduced to RNT, I had no real drive to get a beach body other than it would be a nice to have. I had been training with a PT for about a year before then, but to be completely honest, although I felt stronger, I still looked very similar to when I started. I was massively sceptical and wanted to give RNT a run for their money, thought ‘we’ll see how it goes’.


However, within the first month, I started seeing a change in my body composition. It was insane how quick the changes were to appear as I dropped body fat and increased muscle simultaneously – something that I had previously heard and believed was impossible.


The weekly check-ins kept me accountable and made sure that I didn’t deviate. Especially when I would try sneak in little bits of chocolate!


Two photoshoots later and now sporting a physique I had only previously dreamed of, I thought to myself, ‘I’m done now – I don’t need RNT anymore’. However, the period after the initial transformation has actually been the most useful RNT have been. Having helped me to achieve the body I had only previously dreamed of, the trick was how to keep it going forwards without having to weigh out all my food, and live life.


For less than £200pm, RNT provided me with a lifechanging physical transformation which has been the start of a whole life transformation. Is it worth it? Without a doubt!


Being an identical twin people can’t help but compare you. I was always the chubbier one. People told us apart by calling me “the fat one with the scar. This stuck and soon my nickname as a child became “jaadi” (Indian for fat). This soon phased out as I grew older but it was engrained in my head. I felt like the “fat” one and struggled with my weight and body image.


I have always enjoyed working out but have had difficulty when it comes to controlling my diet. I often binge and fall prey to impulsive eating/drinking without placing limits. It was ok for me to eat what I wanted as Iong as I worked out. This approach was fine in my 20’s and 30’s but after having kids the weight just wouldn’t budge and every year it would add on.


I was approaching 40 and gave myself a goal to be “fit at 40” and reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer. 20 sessions later I looked exactly the same with no change in my weight. I was working out by myself at least 4-6 times a week with nothing to show for it. Something had to change.


It was at this point I saw Geeta’s transformation on FB and was amazed at her results with RNT. I had the will but just needed the way.


I joined RNT Fitness and haven’t looked back since. It has been a juggling act between being a mother, a wife, working as a physio in a busy NY hospital, commuting and exercising. But I had a drive and a future goal to wear a bikini on my next holiday. The start was difficult figuring out macros, weighing food and meal prepping (spending time being hangry!). The results however came in quickly and week after week I would see my weight drop or notice an improvement physique. This kept me motivated, and kept me going on.


With the help of Kunal’s expertise and being accountable to him even on those slip up days I was able to push through and surpass my goal. I am now actually below my prepregnacy weight and have dropped from a US size 12 size to a size 4!!! And finally wore that bikini.


Coming from a family with a huge sporting background, I was always the odd one out and often labelled as ‘lazy’ or ‘un-sporty’. Although this was meant in a joking manner, it still took its toll mentally.


Secretly I’d always admired the ‘bikini competitor’ look but never thought it was possible, until a colleague mentioned she was training with ‘Adam Hayley’. After a quick search online, I came across some of his results and decided to bite the bullet and get in touch.


He literally took someone that – aside from using the fitness suite at school – had never even stepped foot inside a gym, to someone confident enough to train in the free-weights area at peak times, as well as stepping on stage to show off the hard work that we’d both put in.


I’ve been working with Akash for 3 years. During that time not only has my physique improved significantly. But as a trainer myself, I’ve gained some extremely valuable knowledge. Knowledge I wouldn’t get anywhere else apart from having such a great mentor/coach as Akash.


This year I decided it was time to take it to the next level and commit to a photoshoot. Akash has always said he believes that trainers should get extremely lean at least once, and for the experience, that’s exactly what I did.


I have always had complete faith in Akash to lead me to the condition I needed. Without fail, Akash delivered. Creating my training and nutrition based on my preference, lifestyle, and his own successful experiences.


Checking in with me all the way till the very last day, and then being present at the photoshoot itself screams volumes of the kind of coach he is.


I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. In health and business.


I look forward to continuing under the guidance of Akash.


Living in Southern California, after growing up in Detroit, I’ve always played a lot of sports, been active, and always been someone who considered himself to be “really into health”. I had been lifting weights and thought I knew what I was doing, but I had no direction and accountability. Even with the right workout philosophy and knowledge of what’s good for the body, I learned that one can’t get ideal results without executing a perfect formula. RNT knows that formula.


I was eating “healthy foods” but not getting the results I wanted. I learned there’s a big difference between eating for body composition and eating for nutritional content. Eating for nutritional purposes left me wondering why I wasn’t also getting physical changes despite working out. It was a pretty frustrating process. There were so many foods I thought were innocent, that were incredibly malicious. I also needed to rebuild my habits and discipline. RNT’s process has helped me with the habit and discipline formation necessary to achieve the results and they have passed on into everything I do.


I remember when I first came across RNT’s work online. I sampled the workout plan a bit after my exposure and read some of their articles. The more I learned, the more I got hooked. After a few weeks I decided to get some accountability and sign up. I was too forgiving of myself. If I messed up, I would tell myself I’ll make a better decision next time. I needed structure and an expert to answer to.


Working with RNT has been easy, low stress, flexible and educational. RNT provides everything you need and will guide you step by step to the results you’re looking for. For me, I needed flexibility, and so we worked together to incorporate my lifestyle into my goals. My background has an IV sedation dentist with a nutritional sciences degree really helped in understanding the concepts being taught. It was really enjoyable to discover a new way of life that includes both freedom and life satisfaction.


I now feel great. I can now eat guilt free and make up for it when I make a bad decision. I’m still training hard so my body is really responding well to the increased food. I really feel like my result would never have been something I could imagine when I was first starting. I have never been so satisfied, energized, and in control of my body. I have to give a big thanks to RNT.


Months into starting my own business, I realised between the late nights, the poor quality food and the high stress, I was starting to look weak and ‘skinny fat’.


I reached out to Akash, and over the course of the next few months I couldn’t believe how quickly I transformed my body.


I’ve followed Adam ever since I trained at the same gym that he worked for (albeit I was with a different trainer). He was always super nice to me and I could tell from moment zero how knowledgeable and caring he was.


A coach, in my view, has to care about their clients such that they know what’s going on in their lives in order to push when it’s needed (we all need some sort of whipping at times!) and when to step back, when life gets in the way. I could clearly see that Adam’s philosophy was similar to mine.


Two and a half years later, Adam had set up RNT. I was an avid follower of his content and decided to take the plunge. I had been consistently following a training routine and wanted to take the next step forward. My results were coming in but in a slower pace than what I expected.


When I started working with Adam in Dec 2017, I had the goal of competing in a bikini category sometime in the future. It was something that had always appealed to me ever since I started training and I felt like it would give me a clear goal to aim for.


We initially did a training programme geared towards building muscle mass with no clear goal in mind. My body’s response in four months was INCREDIBLE. That gave me the push to set a date for my bikini competition (July 28th) and do a proper prep.


I cannot state how invaluable and amazing Adam’s support was. It wasn’t just about the prep knowledge and training programme but also the mindset support, knowing what I was going through – as he has competed himself – and giving the moral support to keep me going. I have to say that I LOVED every step of the way during my prep, including low calories AND massive step counts, and I’m sure its due to Adam’s ‘hand holding’ approach.


I reckon that a lot of people don’t enjoy going through a competition as they feel lost and thinking they aren’t doing the correct steps to get to their goal. What happened to me was the complete opposite. Adam built up my courage to step on stage and to enjoy the day; not the placing, I’m sure I gave my all and I brought my best package.


This is the healthiest, leanest and best looking I’ve been in all my life – and this isn’t the important bit. The confidence I have in my abilities, in myself and the knowledge that whatever I set my mind into I can achieve is what’s invaluable in Adam’s work. I cannot stress enough how low my levels of self confidence were before I worked with him.


I’m superbly excited for my next step working with Adam – the competition bug has bitten me and I cannot wait to get on stage again! – and hopefully my transformation will be an ongoing one from now until I’m no longer able to lift a dumbbell! 🙂


I first contacted Akash to get into shape for an upcoming holiday, and within 8 weeks I’d reached my goal of 6 pack abs on the beach.


His level of service impressed me so much that I’ve continued to train with Akash long past the holiday, focusing on different goals such as gaining muscle and strength development.


I’d recommend Akash to anyone looking to improve his or her physiques in the most efficient manner possible.


I used to be an avid gym goer, but after starting a new job I stopped going to the gym completely and my diet went out of the window. I grabbed food when I could and loved a frequent take out. I soon piled on the weight and became the heaviest I had ever been.


I had a summer holiday booked for May. It was now January and I was feeling pretty depressed about my appearance – I knew I needed to do something about it if I wanted to look half decent in a bikini.


I had heard of Adam through my friend and had seen the amazing results that she had achieved with his training first hand. I reached out to Adam and explained how I had a 4 month goal to look good in a bikini for my holiday. I told him that I worked full time and was also studying for a diploma, so I needed a plan that I could realistically stick to. Adam took my lifestyle into consideration and made a plan completely tailored to me.


4 months later, I am 15lbs down and feeling the best I have felt in a long time. I also felt extremely confident in a bikini on my holiday. Not only is Adam a very knowledgeable coach and knows exactly how to make a good training and diet program, he is also extremely supportive and is always there at any time of day to answer any questions I have. I cannot thank Adam enough for the results that I have achieved!


After fracturing my foot over the summer I spent the weeks recovering eating, drinking and being generally inactive and soon piled on the weight. I was not in great shape and I decided I needed to take action so set myself a challenge to get into the best shape ever. My previous attempts at getting fit using home DVDs were just not working. That’s when I came across RNT Fitness and after reading up and contacting them I decided to sign up! It was the best decision!


Akash devised an extremely detailed workout plan which included everything I needed to achieve my goal. One of the best things about this program was the constant communication Akash kept with me. Not only did he answer all my questions but he was always touching base, giving me lots of motivation and support. His passion, commitment and dedication to his clients is clear, he wants the results as much as them if not more!


Overall it has been an incredible experience. I have gone beyond what I had hoped for and achieved what I felt was impossible. It has definitely been a challenge juggling family life and work but by being organised and making a some changes it is possible. At 43 years of age let’s call it my midlife crisis and I aim to keep going.


I have struggled with my weight since a very young age and tried all sorts to be in better shape and to really shift the excess weight. But I was never completely successful or satisfied. I came across RNT through facebook. A friend of mine was training with Akash and her results looked amazing. Then it was a case of convincing my husband to join too.


We both embarked on the RNT journey on 29th Jan 2018. It gave me a regimented approach that worked. Nathan’s nutrition plan showed me the importance of prepping on a Sunday for the week ahead. I realised cooking my chicken home for lunch, I could control what I put in and it was way better than buying a “healthy” chicken salad. I started to see the importance of macros and not just focusing on calories. I was always of the mindset that carbs were my enemy and Nathan definitely changed that.


Until January, I was almost scared of weights. Unaware of how to use them, I would happily stick to cardio as my workout but obviously never really saw much difference. Doing the full body workout; planned by Nathan; I started weight training and was elated to see the difference. I am not yet in bikini body to show off stage but I have come so far; i cant believe it myself.


I think what worked with RNT is that I never felt hungry or deprived. Seeing results week to week motivated me further to keep going and the weekly check-ins just gave me the accountability to work my butt off.


It was tough breaking away from old habits but it was all worth it in the long run. I never thought I could lose 15kg in 5 months. I am not near my end goal but this is definitely a perfect start to my journey. Thanks to Nathan for answering my questions and listening to my complaining when I didn’t see the results to match my unrealistic expectations.


I originally started working with Adam late last year when I decide that I wanted to take my fitness to a new level and compete in a physique competition. He was very highly recommended and after meeting with him it was apparent that his knowledge was second to none. This made the decision extremely easy and I knew that Adam was the person I wanted to coach me.


We first started out with a bulking phase of training for several months to try and gain a decent amount of size ready for the start of competition prep. During this phase we focused on little goals and progressive overload, while making sure with the weekly check-ins that my nutrition was supporting my progress in the gym. This was extremely effective and I managed to reach a new highest body weight, numerous PB’s in training all while maintaining a moderate condition.


Going into prep for competition after a successful bulk I was very confident in what we could achieve and put my total trust in Adam. This made the process very easy as he was very hands on and took away all the guess work. This made it easier to follow/stick to and the results were speaking for themselves. Then as we came closer to the show Adam’s service went above and beyond expectation. We shortened the check in period to daily check ins every morning. He provided me with his personal phone number so we could speed up communication. During the final weeks Adam completed a daily analysis on my condition and weight, making adjustments to ensure that I peaked for my show.


On show day we had multiple check ins throughout the morning before meeting Adam himself at the show. Being my first show and also first time on stage, him being there in person managed to ease my nerves and boost my confidence. I was very happy with the outcome on the day and proud of what we had achieved.


I couldn’t thank Adam enough for all his hard work and showing that he genuinely cared about me as a client. I have since continued training with Adam and will continue to highly recommend him and RNT as a whole to anyone that is interested in changing their physique. Ultimately, Adam is someone who cares about his clients and doesn’t just think of the money.


I would highly recommend RNT to anybody wishing to make a change or thinking about it in the slightest. The greatest thing about the whole process was having someone supporting you throughout the journey.


I was able to get in touch with my coach at all times, which was very handy during the latter part of the plan when things got hard. I also loved the weekly check in’s and the simplicity of the workout plan. I just went to the gym and executed on what I needed to do. It was that simple. I’m also vegetarian (no eggs), but my coach equipped me with everything I needed to still make gains, which I didn’t think was previously possible with my dietary requirement.


The plan has had a tremendous impact in my personal life. It has taught me invaluable life long lessons that I hope to carry with me to help me succeed outside fitness and in my career. I am now more confidence in myself, and have more courage and belief to try different things I wouldn’t have thought of doing before. My relationships with my mother for example have benefited tremendously. We are much closer, healthier and more open with one other.


I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank RNT and my coach Nathan especially. As I have mentioned before I never had a personal trainer before. Nathan was so helpful throughout the process and whenever I had questions, he would get back to me straight away. He was always there to provide messages of support especially when I was close to breaking point. I don’t think I would have been able to get through the latter part of the plan without his guidance. Doing the photoshoot with him by my side was also a privilege and was an amazing way to cap off the plan. In meeting Nathan, I know I have met a someone who I can always go to for guidance and support, even outside fitness. Going through this plan, and deciding to do it, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The money was truly well spent.


I decided to choose RNT because they know how to get results. I was following them for a long time before. I have seen the transformations. The content they provide on their IG and website is incredible. I have learned so much from reading their articles, case studies transformations and applied the lessons in my very own life. The most amazing thing is that it is free! Not so many people and companies are willing to do this. Which just goes to show how humble and honest they are in their approach.


I started working with RNT (Adam in this case) after training for a number of years, doing ‘OK’ on my own but not making the progress I wanted.


Having tried a plan or two written by others with little success I then looked for someone I could work with over a length of time who would take all the stress out of my training, someone who would make the diet changes if I don’t lose the weight or change the training if I am struggling with progress.


After training with RNT for 6-months now, I cannot recommend them highly enough. There aren’t any restricted food groups or unrealistic diets/FAD diets and Adam has been more than willing to work around other goals I have outside of body image such as sporting events I wanted to train for. Importantly, Adam always asks about your general well-being ensuring you’re not overdoing it setting RNT apart from the competition.


If you are thinking of going ahead and working with RNT, don’t hesitate it really is great value for money not only for the physical changes but the mental/happiness side of what comes with a body transformation.


Like most guys in their late 30s working in the City, I was stuck in a rut, completely sedentary, working too many hours and spending too many nights in pubs & bars around London. I was 38 with the energy of a 78 year old, and sporting a waist that was expanding past all my belt buckles.


After a very close bereavement in the family, it suddenly brought it home to me – I needed to make a change. For months I spun my wheels on cookie cutter diets and training plans with no real idea of what I was doing. I lost some weight, but I quickly failed, fell off the wagon and slipped back into old habits.


With the Big ‘Four 0’ quickly approaching, I reached out to Akash. The journey wasn’t easy by any means. I thought I could wing it with pre-cooked meals, skipped sessions and the odd beer. How wrong I was! I told Akash I wanted a ‘champion’s physique’ on my 40th birthday, so the excuses had to stop.


We set a goal of booking a photoshoot for my 40th birthday – which was now 5-6 months away. Talk about accountability! From here on, the results I achieved blew past my expectations. Life changing is a phrase thrown around all the time, but when you lose 30kg, go from wearing ‘stretchy’ 36-inch to 28-inch trousers, and sport a better body than most 20-somethings, it really is.


If you’re looking to get results, look no further than RNT. I can’t recommend them enough.


After many years of trying and failing to  achieve my fitness goals, from jumping to plan to plan and spending money with PTs. I was frustrated and thought that it never was for me.  After losing some weight last year and slipping back into old habits, I decided that I wanted to give it one more try. I found Akash and RNT Fitness, and it was the best decision that I had made.


I received a detailed workout plan, and what I preferred was just being told what to eat rather than a set macro split.  It was easier for me to follow and took all the thought process out. The response to emails was quick as in the past with other online PTS its been over 24 hours and by that time you have either done your planned workout or had that social occasion where you need some advise of what to eat or avoid.


Reaching out to Akash and RNT has been the best decision and I will continue to use RNT and set some new goals to achieve for the rest of 2018.


So having been persuaded by my husband to embark on a fitness program with RNT (couples that train together stay together lol!) I must admit I’ve been blown away at how much you can really achieve with the right coaching and guidance. My goals were to get fitter, stronger and leaner and I definitely feel Akash has helped me achieve all those things and more. I have gone beyond what I hoped and achieved what I felt was impossible (e.g. toned abs after having children!).


The journey hasn’t been easy by any means – it’s taken dedication, a lot of organisation and hard work but it’s definitely been worth it. It’s been tough juggling family life, work, socials etc but by being organised and making some lifestyle changes (e.g. getting up at 6am to fit in a workout before the kids get up or walking to work to get my steps in), I’ve been able to stay consistent and stick to the program as much as possible.


I’m hoping to continue the RNT journey, to get even fitter and stronger and be in the best shape of my life when I hit the big 4-0 in a few months!


If you’re looking to improve your physique and get results, look no further than RNT. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


I just wanted to say a big thank you to RNT for the work you’ve done with me over the past 12 weeks.


It has been a great experience and I’ve learnt so much from you that has helped me in both my personal and professional life which I wasn’t expecting from an online fitness coach, the benefits of working with you has transcended so much more than just a physical transformation.


I don’t think I’ve gone through a typical client transformation, I have never had an issue with being overweight, I didn’t reach a point where I was low on confidence and hit a point where I realised I drastically needed to change that motivated the transformation. Instead working with you has made me realise I’d put a glass ceiling on myself which I didn’t think I could break through, and your accountability and support has helped me smash through the limitations I’d put on myself.


I’ve always been fairly active, and have been training since I was about 17 years old, however my issue was always following generic plans that I found online. I would spend hours researching plans that I would follow for a month or so before switching it up. Working with you has helped me time collapse my results, in 12 weeks I’ve achieved greater results in a shorter space of time than with any generic plan I’ve followed previously.


The benefits of working with you haven’t just been physical either, before starting this transformation I had a lot of bad habits, I’d drink 4-5 cups of tea loaded with sugar daily, I would have a glass or two of whiskey almost daily with snacks. I thought this would be my biggest obstacle to achieving results however your accountability and support has kept me on track to reach my goals. In the entire 12 weeks I didn’t have a single cheat meal and the biggest surprise was that I didn’t even feel the urge to stray from the plan. Working with you helped keep my focus on the end goal, and achieving that meant much more to me than the odd treat here and there.


I’m also glad to say that so far I’ve continued these good habits, I feel much healthier now with a lot more energy which has spilled over into all other aspects of my life. I’m naturally waking up earlier and feeling fresher, and I feel the extra energy has made me a better father as I don’t feel as lethargic when playing with my daughter. I’ve also soon the benefits in my relationship with my wife and family as well, my earlier starts and positive energy have led me to being more productive at work, I’m getting more done in a shorter time allowing me to get home earlier and be more present at home.


It’s honestly been such a great experience and although it looks like it’s just a training programme for physical benefits, it’s such a holistic process of improvement and you can’t help but feel the benefits in all areas of your life and I look forward to working with you again in the future to continue the progress!


Thank you again


I approached Adam after noticing him train at Underground Gym one Sunday. I was at a complete HALT with my prep 5 weeks out from my first show.


Deflated, tired, weak and not getting on with my current diet and set up. I had heard GREAT things about Adam through friends and people within the fitness industry and actually felt fairly flattered when he agreed to work with me.


I was ready to give everything to whatever Adam told me to do. We worked together daily via whatsapp and walked away with a second place finish and an invite to British Finals.


I say ‘we’ because there is NO way I would of got the result I did without Adam. I remember standing on that stage just wanting to make my coach proud. He’s become a consistent person in my life now, seeing me into my off season and credit where its due I’m a 23 year old girl that asks 10,000 questions and never leaves the poor guy alone! Physically and mentally Adam has supported me in every way required and I can safely say I will be working with him for as long as he will have me.


I’ve always been into fitness and training, but never quite nailed the look I’d always envisioned for myself.


I’d tried lots of different diets and training protocols over the years, perhaps ‘paralysis by analysis’ would be a good diagnosis. Always following the latest fad/gimmick but never quite seeing it through.


After following some of Adams posts on bodybuilding forums, I kept thinking ‘this guy knows his sh*t – and manages to explain it so simply’. I dropped Adam a private message and enquired about online coaching with him. Within 24 hours I had my complete diet, training, cardio and supplementation plans – along with a full explanation as to the why of he had prescribed everything.


12 weeks later and I hope you’ll agree from the photo – I finally ‘nailed that look’.


I knew Adam in person from training at the same gym as him. I was naturally skinny, and would pick Adams brains on how to add muscle effectively, in return I set him up his first website, and would always offer any IT support advice.


This relationship worked really well until last year when I decided I was now at a level of muscle/size that I was happy with. What I wanted now was to officially hire Adam as my coach and to prep me for a photoshoot and physique competition.


We achieved both, including managing to get into the final call-outs at my first ever competition. Throughout the process and on show day, he was there every step of the way, making small adjustments based on my feedback as well as how I was looking. I’d heard horror stories from first time competitors, so thankful I chose someone with experience to guide me as smoothly and stress free as possible.


From being a skinny teenager, I was always concerned about the way I looked. Like many others, I tried to do it all myself. It took me a few years to realise I needed some guidance when it came to nutrition and training. I had known Akash for a number of years, as he was my brother’s best friend, so I was lucky to be put in his direction.


Indeed, Akash has helped me a create a great physique which people stare at when I’m on the beach but more importantly he provided me with valuable life skills, particularly around discipline.


During this particular diet, I also want to thank RNT Fitness as a whole for their consistent content and motivating podcasts. And in Akash, I not only have a hardworking coach and role model, but a great friend and long may it continue.


What can I say? I swear this guy knows more than google! Adam has made both my competition and photoshoot preps so enjoyable – whilst achieving amazing results.


Not only has he taken me to three top 3 finishes at competitions, he’s also ensured I was in great shape for my marketing photos.


The biggest difference between Adam compared to other coaches I’ve come across is that he cares about your well-being as well as how you look. He wanted to know things such as; what my bathroom regularity was like, when my menstrual cycle was due and even whether I was flavouring my foods and getting enough sodium in! On top of this he took time out to call me and offer advice when I mentioned during a check-in that I woke up with a headache and didn’t feel great.


The help didn’t just stop at the competition, he advised me on how to successfully transition out of the dieting process so that I avoided the common rapid weight gain post show.


Getting lean is as much a mental game as it is a physical. The programme has taught me invaluable skills and most importantly. Akash has debunked some of the major training myths that guys like me often hold onto and thus never truly make progress.


The process also taught me mental skills like patience, trusting a process, perseverance even when progress is hard to visualise. These skills are interchangeable and I truly believe it has a positive impact on my career and personal life as well, where I have used these new found skills to progress.


On a final note, I would like to say that Akash is a winner – he gets shit done. It is that type of person you want as a trainer/mentor, the latter role he has fulfilled as well. A no bullshit, go getter. And I am glad I made one of the best decisions ever recruiting him. I know I will be working with him a lot more to fulfil more goals in the near future.

Tom C

After years of competitive powerlifting and strongman, I set myself a new challenge of getting into photoshoot condition. As a personal trainer I know that being accountable to someone else that understands your goals is very important.


I met Akash at a gym I used to work in, and I asked him his views on training, nutrition and why he does what he does. To my surprise he was brutally honest about it. At the time I was highly unmotivated with my training and the industry as a whole.


Akash set my standards higher and pushed me further than I thought possible. I achieved a photoshoot condition with support, honesty, and passion through the whole process. Akash and RNT Fitness set the standard for the industry. Even after the transformation I have a renewed sense of passion for my training and how I now train my clients.


Hiring Adam was one of the best decisions I made.


I’d seen some of his posts and advice online and needed someone to give me a ‘kickstart’ to fuel my motivation for the weight loss journey ahead. Not only did working with him achieve that, it even inspired me to take what he’d taught me and to start designing my own training and diet plans. What I got from Adam wasn’t just some generic copy and paste work, I got an education.

Akash D

I initially came to RNT when I saw a transformation picture on social media. I thought to myself this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!


I had been training for a very long time in all types of martial arts and gymnastics, but had never achieved the results I wanted. I was about to pack it all in as I was jumping from one regime / sport / martial art to another. I’d already seen Bollywood actor Hritish Roshan prove that us Indians could achieve a great body, but I just didn’t know how to do it.
I contacted Akash from RNT, we talked about my goals, and we jumped right in. I even booked a photoshoot to make it real and hold myself accountable.


Through my transformation, I’ve improved my self-confidence tenfold, have inspired people around me, and I’ve been able to achieve to my life’s greatest goal. One I’ve been working towards my whole life. If I died now, I would honestly die fulfilled. Now I have achieved a physical transformation, I know I can achieve similar transformations in all areas of my life.


If you are serious about getting results and are done spinning your wheels, don’t think too much, sign up and take action


I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 8 years now and take pride in producing great results with the clients I work with. I’ve always enjoyed giving clients the tools to transform their bodies for the better and as such taken myself through various transformations leading up to a holiday or special event. Whilst I’ve always achieved a fairly good result, I always felt that I didn’t quite reach the condition that I was after. Being a personal trainer I feel it’s so important to be a good example for clients which prompted me to work with RNT to take my results to the next level.


I first met Akash and his team through a seminar that RNT put together on Body Transformation back in early 2018. I was impressed by their knowledge, passion and professionalism from the get go. Their dedication to helping clients realise their true potential really came through on the day. Fast forward to a few months later, after following RNT’s Instagram page which was continually producing great content that really resonated, I took the plunge and hired Akash as my coach.


From the initial consultation process all the way to photo shoot Akash has been brilliant. When I think about the initial 12 weeks and how I achieved the results which I had failed to get myself, there are several things that I feel played a part. Firstly having someone as attentive as Akash in your corner to provide accountability was huge. The weekly check-ins were great. Knowing that I had that coming up every 7 days really improved my adherence to the plan.


Akash had also achieved great results with his own clients and physique.
This gave me huge confidence to execute the plan to the best of my ability. His ‘in the trenches’ knowledge and empathy throughout the process was also integral for those dark days when I felt like death or that progress had stalled!


After reading one of the RNT’s articles on the ‘five pillars of body transformation’. I booked a photoshoot right at the start of the process. I knew this would provide extra motivation, accountability and adherence. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions. I achieved my best condition to date by some way and learnt a lot about what I was capable of. I also gained increased insight on what it takes to achieve fat loss consistently that I can utilise with my own training and clients. I am now reversing out of my initial 12 weeks of training with the guidance of Akash. He stated the importance of having a plan and changing mindset to performance post shoot and I’m doing my best to execute that.


If you’re looking to take your results to the next level I couldn’t recommend RNT enough.


Earlier this year my wife and I were discussing that now we’re in our early 40s, we should have a health check done to see how we were faring on the ‘insides’. But just before we paid out for some rather expensive private health assessments, we saw two of our dear friends, Anand and Gita, go through some amazing transformations with RNT. So we decided as a couple to switch paths and invest into transforming our lives with RNT instead.


The backdrop to this is that I’ve always enjoyed sports and going to the gym, but over the years had progressively become more sedentary. I have a very busy career as a dentist, where I work extremely long hours running my own multi surgery business catering for discerning private clientele. Coupled to that I am a family man with three children who are all in secondary education with a plethora of extra-curricular activities to content with. And on top of that, I also lead a busy social life catching up with a wide network of family and friends. All in all, I’m always on the go, but despite this, never paid the right attention to actual physical movement and only ever trained at the gym or played football maybe a few times a week.


Working with RNT and their holistic approach changed everything, and some of the pillars of success with RNT include:
1) Diet. Being such a busy person and mentally on the go all the time meant that having a specifically tailored diet removed the mental inertia of having to plan meals. RNT made it easy for me to follow and just focus on execution.
2) Accountability. Having the weekly check-ins meant I never wanted to let my coach down. I wanted my weekly photos, waist measurements and weight to demonstrate progress each week – this was a powerful motivator for me.
3) Consistency. After hearing it from RNT all the time, I learnt just how important this was across the board.
4) Knowledge. RNT’s knowledge and understanding of what it takes is excellent. They always answered my probing questions honestly and I knew it was backed by a wealth of experience and research. They bring a level of crucial added value unseen anywhere else.


I am so pleased with what I’ve achieved, and know I’ll be using RNT for the long term. I have received so much positive feedback from people around me commenting on how much my physique has improved, and I certainly feel so much better in my clothes as well as in myself.


RNT has been a true game changer, and I’m so pleased I discovered it almost by accident. The key to success is that you have got to want it, I certainly did, and now I want to move onto the next level in my body conditioning. The best thing of all is that my wife and I did this together and this investment in better health is the best gift we could have given to ourselves.

Shiv A

This time last year, my life was in such a decline. I was working in a job I absolutely hated, health in general was terrible, physically I just looked like a fat sh*t who had 40% body fat. There would be times that it would be like 30 degrees outside during summer but I would wear a jumper purely because I was so embarrassed about how I looked. During pictures on nights out I would always be that one person who needed to be slightly sober just to hold my belly in during pictures. I would go to the gym and have no absolutely idea what muscles I’m training, and then go Morley’s Chicken thinking my 4 wings for £1 covered in burger sauce was a good protein source.


I started working with Akash in mid 2017, after trying loads of programmes and diets such as Hardcore trainer, Ketogenic diet, Military diet (!) and getting no results. All I can say is that this was purely one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made. Not just physically, but this entire process changed my whole mindset and turned me from someone who was a fat and unambitious person comfortable in his job to someone who wakes up every day looking to push myself and progress in life.


Physically – After just one week of working with Akash I have felt body fat melt off my body like nothing before. Every week my weight would drop and this was constantly driving me to push harder at the gym, hit my step counts and stick 100% to my diet. After a few months, I could fit into clothes that at one point I was going to put in a charity bag because I never believed I would be able to fit in them again. During family and friend events – people would complement me and this was a constant drive in pushing me to work harder on this platform.


Mentally – This may sound very standard but I was someone who just counted the days but never made them count. The weekend would end and on Monday I would already be counting down the time for Friday so I could sleep on my fat ass until 12 like some pig. Now, it has become a stage where if I don’t achieve my daily goals I feel as if my day is completely wasted! Days fly by and I am always constantly busy on my feet, doing my own work, workout, meal prepping and constantly being active.


This journey with Akash and RNT has honestly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When I first started this, my work colleagues and other friends would laugh every day saying “Shiv, you’re going to do this for like 2 days then have 4 kebabs for breakfast”. I used all these discouraging comments as fuel and as time went by and the results came in, and everyone then came up to me asking “how did you do it?”. I do look back now and think I wish I started this earlier, but I’m glad I eventually came across now at still a fairly young age, as my whole perspective on how I live has now changed.


My final words will be: If you join RNT, it WILL be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Especially if you’re at a stage of how I first started. Do NOT look at the price, in a few months you’ll see this as the biggest bargain you ever had and always TRUST and be HONEST with your PT. It will work, trust me.


I’m a 43 year old father of 2 that works long days and travels frequently. I’ve always kept relatively active and for the past 3 years I’ve had a personal trainer for 2 sessions a week. Despite this, I was disapointed with the results I was getting. I was putting in a bunch of work just to stay the same. I often discussed training with a friend of mine and were both in a similar position. We hadn’t spoken for a few months and when I asked him how his training was going he told me he had been training with RNT and sent me a picture of his transformation. I couldn’t believe it! I had always been sceptical of transformation photos, but when I saw it from a friend, I knew I had to sign up!


I’ve found the RNT process clear and straight forward. I adapted to it easily and got the support I needed along the way to make tweaks to suit my lifestyle. I’ve been impressed by the progress I’ve made. I’ve reduced body fat and feel leaner and stronger and I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition. A great experience, and something I recommend to anyone looking to get in shape.


I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over 12 years, where there’s very little daily routine. It’s an exciting industry, but late nights and early starts, eating at irregular times, and often giving into binges wasn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle in any way. After selling my business in 2017, there was a void in my life, and I missed having a daily challenge and focus.


That’s where RNT came into my life. I had studied the RNT programme for quite some time and had seen the various transformations which looked incredible. But I thought, how the hell can I look like that?


They were great. They understood my reasons for this challenge and understood my ‘why’. This was important as getting into shape isn’t just a physical change. It’s a full transformation – mind, body and soul.


My coach was accommodating, understanding and tweaked the plan where he saw fit. Sometimes I did question it. I was dropping weight like a sack of potatoes. My Diesel’s stopped fitting me! I was so focused and was in complete trust in the process.


Don’t get me wrong, there were times that I thought ‘screw it – what am I doing?!’ But I’m lucky to have had the support of my family, as this hasn’t been a one man show. It’s been a journey for my family too, but they’re now far healthier as a result.


The process has been fantastic and probably came at the right time in my life for me. The guidance and support from RNT has been second to none. And the results – wow! Not only did I never think I would be able to achieve a great physique, but it’s changed my outlook on health and fitness, I have a greater respect for my body and health and no longer take it for granted. I underestimated the impact this would also have on me in terms of my life, I am even more disciplined, structured and have greater clarity on my goals whilst launching my new business.


I have never felt better. A great experience.


Thank you for everything RNT. I’m now looking forward to the next phase!


As a bodybuilding competitor, I find the toughest part of the year is maintaining a strict regime and continuing to make the progress needed in between shows and not just the lead up into them.

For the last two years I’ve always turned to Adam for help at this stage to keep my approach fresh. His meal planning and knowledge of nutrition, micro/macro-nutrients and digestion is insanely helpful. He always revamps my diet and gets me hungry and craving my meals instead of chewing through the same boring things day in day out.


This year I decided to take him on as my coach for the actual contest diet and peaking into the show, too. The look we achieved is without doubt my best to date –  the leanest and fullest I’ve been on show day so far!

I can honestly say the improvements I make between shows is largely helped by Adams advice and constant attention to detail. He’s always eager and happy to help, a pleasure to deal with and I recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who asks.


Before working with RNT I was trying out different diets (including keto, PSMF…) with not much results and stumbled upon his training services and decided to commit to 3 months…which turned into 18 months. My body and performance has completely took a 180 since working with him! I’m leaner, stronger and have a ton more muscle!


After losing quite a bit of body fat when I was a teenager, I always had the subsequent goal of getting lean like the guys in fitness magazines. But 10 years had passed and I was still at the stage I was at. Not in terrible shape, but carrying quite a bit of bodyfat and nowhere near as lean as I wanted to be. I’ve struggled with consistency, going through personal trainers, training programmes but never took more than 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. RNT was potentially another one of these experiments that will ultimately go wrong. But it wasn’t; it was a game changer.


As I progressed, I learned new things about what I needed to be successful. First was accountability to my coach, Nathan. Then the value of being consistent. I also learned a lot from the articles and podcasts that RNT put out, especially around the mindset and challenging the social stigmas associated with going through this type of transformation. And a lot of useful tips from the active RNT facebook group. When you put it all together it had this incredible effect on my progress.


I achieved in 4 months what I had wanted to achieve in 10 years. I’d like to thank the RNT crew for putting me on this track and am looking forward to achieving my next goals before my wedding!


Coming from an active upbringing and sporting background, exercising and healthy eating was always familiar to me. I was always slim and healthy but I never had abs … ever, and for me that was the holy grail. I had always been soft and as I got older had started to put on a little weight that I never had before that no matter what I seemed to try diet or gym wise I could never get into the shape I wanted too… Introducing the boy wonder himself Akash Vaghela! I searched high and wide for a trainer who I could work with and trust and I dont ever regret spending one second with Akash.


I’m sure Akash will agree with me when I say I’m not his easiest client! I have lived in 4 different cities across the world since we’ve been working together so my life can be difficult to manage sometimes as I travel alot for work. I do succumb to food binges too and can suffer from bouts of depression from time to time. Whilst that is not an excuse it is easy for me to fall off track and lose motivation because of everything. Akash helped me through not only my physical challenges and goals, but also my mental ones too. He was my side therapist over the past couple of years and does a pretty good job there too ha!


I finally know what it takes to change my body, what I need to eat constantly and how hard I need to push myself. I’ve also learnt that the mental struggles of reaching a goal and dealing with life can be hard sometimes. Akash taught me to get lost in the gym, use it as a kinda of therapy and surprisingly, that’s what took me to the next level. I couldn’t of done it without my trainer, and friend Akash!


Thank you for everything … now lets work on an 8 pack 😉


I got in touch with Adam when I had tried and failed to get back into shape. I have always lifted weights, but the nutrition side was letting me down. I was also getting frustrated with years of reading and following magazine and internet advice and suggestions, so I made the decision.


Turns out to be the best decision I ever made! He kept things simple, but everything I did was backed up by science or his extensive experience. Within weeks, I was looking leaner and getting stronger. All diets and training was properly structured and any queries were answered within a day. The weekly check ins helped us see what was working and what wasn’t which was so important.


After a few months we decided to do a photoshoot to really focus on some goals, and needless to say all his help, guidance and support finally helped me achieve the body I always dreamt of. I have dropped a total of 20kg from when I started to the shoot, I also got stronger.


Now training with Adam and RNT has become a way of life for me. A change for the better wish I had contacted him sooner.


I met Akash a few years ago. I had finished an intense 6 month period of studying and maintaining an exercise and nutrition regime was the last thing on my mind. I’d let myself go, but had booked a beach holiday with friends. I was self conscious about my appearance and I needed to take action.


By the time I was introduced to Akash I had 18 days left. I had never used a PT before and was skeptical whether he could do anything for me – but he was more convinced than I was and raring to go.


I left everything to him and he really put me through the grinder. My only stipulation was that he educate me as we go along. In that short space of time I pushed harder than I thought possible and I gained a better understanding of training and nutrition from someone who had proven experience.


The results were nothing short of astonishing. I cannot recall when I had last been that lean, especially with some muscle to show for it. Since then if I wanted to pursue a fitness goal and needed some help, Akash has been my go to guy. Nothing beats working with someone who truly lives and breathes this stuff.


He supported me both when I had an ankle injury and most recently when my wife and I decided to challenge each other to train for a photoshoot.


My aim is to add lean muscle while remaining healthy in the long term by embedding good habits. A sure fire way has been to set challenging goals and getting the right support to achieve them.


Akash has helped me set the bar higher each time we have worked together. The knowledge and support throughout has been top notch and the results have been beyond my expectations.


My initial goal was to lose weight and tone up for summer and to be bikini ready for my girls holiday in Marbella! I did my research on local Personal Trainers and Adam Hayley’s name kept cropping up as a local competition winning bodybuilder and trainer.


From the beginning, he set me up with a nutrition plan and we started training 2-3 times a week to help me learn exercise technique as well as how my body responds to certain diet set-ups.


What made things so much easier and trusting is that no matter what time of the day, I was always able to message Adam to get any questions answered on whether I was training correctly in the gym or buying the right food in the supermarket.


His ability to be there for a client outside of the gym is the difference for me between a standard trainer and a top coach!!


Adam will get you to surpass your goals, so long as you put the work in. Why waste your time with anyone else?!


I always wanted to look like an action hero from the 90s. I thought if I was to spend hours in the gym and eat it would happen as if by magic.


It was after 3 years of time wasting that I finally turned to Akash for help. It was difficult to find time for training and eating right during medical school and even harder still being a qualified doctor – but Akash’s programmes get the most out of the precious time you spend training and his meal plans are very easy to prepare and follow.


Now I am finally looking more and more like the man I want to be and I feel I owe a lot to the advice and help of Akash.


I started focusing more on my health and fitness several years ago. I was making steady progress, but in the recent months I felt I had plateaued. I wasn’t getting any stronger, nor was my physique improving.


Akash was highly recommended by my husband who had been working with him, but I was quite sceptical having seen my fair share of generic gym PTs whose clients look the same month after month. However, seeing some of the actual results of RNT’s clients (and not just of themselves) it made think there was something more to them.


Akash was fantastic from the get-go. After taking the time to understand my goals we decided on working towards a photoshoot. This felt like a real challenge, with a deadline and accountability. He assessed and tracked my progress every week, tweaking training/nutrition where needed, even reviewing videos of my exercises giving me more confidence.


As the photoshoot approached, Akash reviewed my progress even more frequently. He answered all my questions and provided reassurance when I was struggling both physically and mentally. He also went the extra mile and came along to the shoot to give advice and support. I didn’t feel nervous and really enjoyed the day. It was so much fun.


Reflecting back, I cannot see how I would have been possible to achieve the results I did without his knowledge, support and encouragement.


My focus is now on my performance goals and I’ve made sure Akash is there every step of the way so I can reach them!


I came to RNT with complete ‘paralysis by analysis’. I’d read too many articles, jumped repeatedly from one program to the next and no one would have guessed that I was regularly hitting the gym. With my 35th birthday coming up in 8 weeks I decided to make a change and set the goal of getting abs. The results I got were far beyond my expectations!


My coach Nathan made things very simple and I just had to execute the plan he provided. The weekly check-ins and progress was really encouraging as well as being able to text him any time I wasn’t clear about what to do.


I’ve been so impressed by the whole experience that I’m continuing with RNT. Next up – build some muscle! They have my trust and I’d highly recommend them.


When looking for someone to help me take my body transformation to the next level, I wanted to look for someone who didn’t just talk the talk but had walked the walk.


Having seen Adam’s impressive past in competing himself, as well as helping others compete – I knew that whilst I wasn’t looking to do the same, he was someone who could genuinely help me get in the best shape of my life.


Over 12 weeks working with Adam, he imparted a huge amount of knowledge on me from both an exercise and diet perspective. Everything was tailored and continually refined over that period to maximise results.


The end result literally speaks for itself and this is for a guy who’s over 40, and has had a heart attack and back surgery within the last two years! I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend (and do) Adam and the RNT team to anyone thinking about starting a transformation themselves.


At first I was a quite nervous moving back to online training as I’d had bad experiences in the past: cookie cutter programs, bad response times and a general lack of empathy / care from the trainer.


The results at RNT speak for themselves, but what I think was great about Akash was when things got tough. For me, anyone can train natural genetics and just keep reducing calories as everything goes according to plan. But the real test is when things don’t go to plan. My progress stalled several times, seemingly for no reason, and Akash patiently adjusted, tested and re-focused to get us back on track.


Cookie cutter programs wouldn’t be able to adjust in these situations – but RNT’s approach, based on science and client experience, really shines here. Importantly, it’s called coaching for a reason. By following Akash’s consistent online tuition, I’ve learned how to motivate and regulate myself. This has given me the tools to make smarter decisions both in the gym and the kitchen to help maintain the progress I’ve made. I’d thoroughly recommend the RNT experience to anyone.


I approached RNT after being inspired by a transformation of an RNT client who I could relate to in terms of physique and similar struggles of achieving a toned figure after having children.


I have always been into fitness in one form or other varying from gym workouts, T25 videos and outdoor running. However, I would not see any significant difference in my physique despite my efforts.


My goals were to become toned and achieve a more athletic look rather than being labelled ‘skinny’. I also wanted to learn more about nutrition and how the body can be trained to create the results I saw on the RNT transformation case studies. My thoughts were ‘if they can do it, so can I’.


The process has not been easy for me. I was able to commit to the work outs however my biggest weakness was eating the correct foods. I found eating the same foods really hard and fell victim to eating outside the recommendations every now and again. Addtionally I had many work and social events to attend which made it even harder for me to stick to my meal plan. However, I was assisted with this by Nathan, who adjusted my cardio levels and meal plan to allow for social events.


Over the course of 12 weeks, I have seen the most incredible change in my body… it’s toned more than it’s ever been and I feel great! I want to now carry on with this journey and take my fitness to the next level – which is to get my abs even more defined!


Onwards and upwards!


I have always been a skinny fat Indian guy. Over time through university, getting married and general life, I have yo-yo’d between a range of body shapes and steadily piled on the fat. Although I used to make it to the gym on a VERY ad-hoc basis, I have never classed myself as being fit and always had an ambition to get ripped and work towards getting six pack abs.


Cue RNT.. My wife Kashmira told me about the amazing transformation story about a friend of hers through RNT and she convinced me to join, and what a life changing decision it has been. Me and Kashmira both started our journey with Nathan at RNT, got our tailored plans through him, and have never looked back since.


The last couple of months have given me a completely different outlook on how important the right nutrition combined with exercise is to achieving results and most critically, has taught me restraint through weighing things out and proper portion control.


What really worked through RNT is that in order to cater for both me and Kashmira, Nathan tailored a plan that had similar items of food between us both which helped immensely as we didn’t have to prep different things for each of us. And what was even better was that although we were in calorie deficit through this plan, we rarely felt hungry as we would balance/eat the meals through the day


With the exercise plan, my journey started off with me pretty much hating every exercise. However, taking baby steps coupled in with Nathan’s advice and progressing through them week on week started yielding results. That provided all the motivation to do better and resulted in me starting to actually like some exercises! To put things into perspective, for a guy that couldn’t do even 2 chin ups when he first started, doing 4 sets of 8 reps by the end of the journey was a huge win!


The past few months have been a fantastic experience. It has by no means been easy but has given us a great launch pad for a fitter, healthier life, and the tools to keep things progressing. A huge thanks to Nathan for baring with the both of us and with all the help and support through our journey!


I realised that after my dad passed away unexpectedly a few years ago, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure my ‘insides’ were as healthy as I could make them. I always thought I was eating relatively health and doing the right things in the gym – but it wasn’t really until this year that I wanted to dedicate some time to really getting fit and looking lean for once.


I didn’t jump into RNT immediately. I researched a few options – all online trainer’s/food plans but knew RNT was the one for a few reasons:


1. Proven results: the case studies showed that they help real, everyday busy people get results. It also helped that I knew of people that had done this so it made it even more real!
2. Personalised programme: the weekly check ins, continuous support and personalised food and gym programme was exactly what I needed. I just needed someone to take the thinking out of it and for me to just go into autopilot mode and execute!
3. Awesome team: a couple of interactions is all it took for me to decide that RNT was the real deal and the plan for me. Helpful, knowledgeable and all round friendly team. I was sold!


Over the months I threw myself into the process and totally trusted my trainer – which is what you have to do to get the most out of the programme. I ensured that I was open and transparent so that any socials or diet breaks were factored in – nothing was ever a ‘no’ Sachin you can’t do this – it was always let’s make sure we get the right food and gym balance for you.


I’ve learnt so much over the weeks – from:
1. Appreciating that RNT goes over and beyond and that they really do care about their clients. To the point where my trainer dropped me a note on what would have been my late fathers 65th birthday and said – “make sure you relax and totally enjoy your family time today. Don’t worry about food/gym – it’s an important day for you and the family”. It was really at this point where I know RNT wasn’t just an online training business looking to churn out client after client but was a real mentoring, coaching relationship driven team.
2. The content and podcasts RNT put up is so simple and hits the spot – so much knowledge for people to absorb
3. With the right dedication and support you can achieve your goals. It was hard work but thanks to RNT, I am now in a position where I know I can make much better choices with my diet and gym plan so I can maintain a healthier me. The most important thing for me is that I feel so much better and long may this continue….


I’ve loved my journey and anyone who is serious about choosing an online trainer should definitely consider RNT – no magic – just simple, personalised support that is guaranteed to get you results!


My experience with Akash was phenomenal.  He would always answer any questions I had within 24 hours.  He was good at motivating me when I needed it and taking it easy when need be as well.  It was easy to trust him because it was clear he knew what he was talking about from his podcasts articles and other commentaries.  Most of all he is no nonsense.  He doesn’t believe in gimmicks and believes in good old fashion hard work and ruthless consistency.  The plan is truly individualised and I never felt like I was part of a cookie cutter program.  I had the pleasure of meeting Akash when he came to the US on a business trip and it almost felt like meeting a friend because of our constant and personalised communication together throughout the preceding months.  I never ever thought I’d be able to get down to the weight and physique I got down to and I have to credit the accountability Akash provided me throughout these months.  I have been recommending him to all my friends and family.


Akash provided a professional service with effective meal plans to follow throughout my time working with him. He always gave excellent guidance on my lifting techniques as well as lifelong knowledge of how to maintain a healthy body.


Whenever I had any questions, he was very responsive and would respond to emails within the hour. Akash’ positive attitude kept me motivated during my 12 week program and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape.


I lost a total of 39lbs and even did a photoshoot to mark my achievement and keep me focused throughout!


It’s amazing to see what your body will adjust to with the right coaching and guidance. I’m by no means the best client. I can be unresponsive, injury prone and probably listen to only about 80% of what Akash says. But if you’re like me, and are sitting on the edge debating whether to sign up to RNT – what do you have to lose? Small changes week by week, add up. Consistency is key and Akash will hold you accountable to it.


I lost my way when I started working. Long hours and bad choices take their toll on your body. RNT helped put me on the straight and narrow, and gave me the focus needed to live a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.


I didn’t have a holiday planned or a deadline so my motivation was to just not disappoint him. I went at my own pace knowing I had the right team supporting me.


If you want to change, RNT will give you the tools. Just listen to Akash, he’s the man. Tough to please, but that’s because he cares and will get the best out of you.


Looking forward to the next stage in this journey.


I started working with Akash around 8 weeks ago with the intention of becoming as lean as possible for an upcoming holiday. Seeing the shape Akash is in and knowing he definitely practiced what he preaches gave me confidence to sign up with him.


He created a bespoke plan for me consisting of weights and cardio training, nutrition and supplementation; the level of detail was far beyond what I expected and his instructions for training and checking in meant I knew this would be a very thorough 8 weeks of training.


As I started the programme, Akash was always available for any questions I had (and I had a lot!) and offered support and guidance when sending my training logs and especially when he saw my training videos, where he ensured form was at the forefront of the training. I can definitely say this has been the biggest positive improvement through his guidance.


Having now finished the programme, the results speak volumes, I have lost a considerable amount of weight and body fat, have improved form on my key exercises and definitely hit my goal of looking in shape for my holiday.


Training with Akash has been incredible though I must stress it is not easy and requires you to be fully dedicated to all aspects of the programme from the training, diet and being mentally positive. In those moments you are lacking motivation, Akash is great to speak to as he puts you back on track instantly.


To summarise I was a little nervous around the whole online coaching, but with Akash and the resources available from RNT Fitness I can say it was excellent and if you are serious about getting in shape, whether it is to get lean or bulk up I can’t recommend Akash and RNT Fitness enough. I look forward to continuing my training with him, and hitting new goals!


I came to Akash having seen his own transformation. Not only had he managed to grow and transform his own body as a trainer but the results of his other clients and friends of mine, who I would consider similar to myself, were incredible.


Akash designed a workout plan around my previous training schedule and experience. He also set out my daily macros and provided an example menu to follow, however I was able to adapt and adjust this using the RNT macro tracker. Before I even started the programme Akash ensured I understood the diet, workout and what was expected of me.


At the end of this programme I have seen a significant change in my physique and could not be happier. I have dropped 24lbs but have clearly increased my strength and muscle mass.


I attribute the results I’ve achieved with RNT and Akash to two factors: accountability and consistency. However, I believe that accountability played the biggest part as that’s what ensured I was consistent week in week out. As simple as it may sound, being consistent with both diet and exercise will produce results, however, it takes a level of knowledge to utilise these effectively. Akash and Adam clearly both have that knowledge which is why they can produce the results they do with all of their clients. There were times throughout this process where I might not have seen changes in my physique, which would normally demotivate me but Akash would always be able to point out subtle changes that can only be noticed with experience.


Both Akash and Adam at RNT have created a community which not only focuses on training and getting results but also on education and developing their clients understanding and knowledge. By no means would I consider myself an expert but I have greatly increased my understanding of diet and training to reach targets, which I am able to utilise in the future.


I cannot recommend Akash and RNT enough. Their results speak enough about their capability and experience but more so than that I have not come across any clients who have something negative to say about them. It goes without saying that a level of honesty and dedication is required to achieve results, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then they will get you the results you want.


I initially came to Adam 5 weeks out from my first UKBFF Bikini show after seeing his transformations via social media.


What then sealed the deal to work with him was the feedback I received from his current clients. I have worked under 2-3 other coaches previously, so have experienced the various approaches each coach has first hand. This has allowed me to fully appreciate all of the hard work Adam puts into his clients and how much more he gives when compared to others in his industry.


We started putting plans together within 24 hours of me reaching out to Adam. I needed a fast turnaround due to being 5 weeks out and very far from ‘stage ready’!


Throughout my entire prep, I was willing to push and work harder than ever, but struggled to find a coach that matched my efforts and believed in me. Moving to RNT Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and the results speak louder then words!


What I have really loved about RNT is that while Adam is my direct coach, I also have the support of Akash as well as the other clients. It’s a ‘team’ effort. The support system, coupled with their knowledge is unrivalled. This isn’t just a cookie cutter plan, this is a fully thought out plan with full explanations of why this plan has been set for you! So not only am I in the best shape that I’ve been in – I’ve also learnt so much in the process!


There is no messing about with Adam. He wants more than just a transformation picture. He cares about your wellbeing, gives unconditional support and educates you throuhgout. If you’re ready to work HARD then he’s the coach for you!


After having struggled with weight gain and building muscle for years (being a strict vegetarian) I decided to seek some professional help.


My brother was already using Akash and recommended him to me after his recent success. Initially I was sceptical as I felt an online coach could only take me so far.


Akash has sorted my diet out so that I am now eating the correct amounts of proteins, carbs and fats to fuel the muscle building/fat loss and achieve my ideal physique.


He is understanding, calm and very knowledgeable – but doesn’t feel compelled to throw all that knowledge at you unnecessarily.


So far I am thoroughly enjoying the journey – have started making some REAL progress that my friends and family are starting to notice too (which always helps!). So much so that I have signed up some of my family too.


Akash has been a trainer to rely on for me, and with his help, I look forward to achieving my goals in the very near future.


I was introduced to Akash though my husband who had already been working with him for some time. I decided to join the RNT community as I had been trying to shift my baby weight for such a long time. It was the best thing I did! I manage to get back to a size 10 which I never thought I would do and I feel much more confident. Akash and the RNT movement are great. They are breaking stigmas within the Indian community and helping a person like me break personal barriers which is amazing. I hope they go from strength to strength!


Three years ago I started on a journey that I had no idea as to where it would take me. I was born with scoliosis, and I have compounded the problem throughout my life to include multiple disc tears and herniations. Just getting out of bed in the morning was a painful chore. I had little drive and high anxiety. At this point I knew that something had to be done. So I joined a gym and bought a workout book.


I went through the exercises thinking I knew what I was doing. I saw some strength gains, but quickly plateaued. I didn’t have a clue about nutrition, nor was I in touch with my body. I had failed, something that I was not used to. I thought I had a plan. At this point, I knew I needed some help. So I enlisted the help of Akash Vaghela.


Little did I know how much I was about to be pushed. How much I was about to learn about myself, my body, and my overall health. My workouts were tailored to me and I could see my posture, range of motion and strength increasing (I’ve done up to 110lbs chin ups for 8 reps!). I was able to find my happy place in the gym, leaving all the problems there on the floor. Changes in my body and attitude were occurring in a very positive way. My mindset became clear again and I was very focused. Friends and family could spot it very quickly, and I was well on my way to a new addiction. An addiction that is healthy and I maintain each week: to be better than the week before, mentally and physically. If you want to transform, you need to contact RNT.


As a coach myself, I’ve always known the importance of trust during the coaching process. If the client doesn’t have complete trust in the process then you are fighting an uphill battle from day one. So when I made the decision in early 2017 to compete in a physique competition I knew I’d need to engage a new coach and there was one person who immediately came to mind and that was Akash Vaghela.


The reasons for this was that having worked alongside him and followed his career, I knew the body of work he had produced and was aware of his experience. I also knew the type of person he was and how he approached his own training. Akash is an all in type of human much like myself and I knew that he’d been to those dark places during his own prep so would know best how to keep me from driving myself crazy when I got to that stage.


Having a coach for me is also about objectivity, so whoever I brought in had to be someone I could rely on to shoot straight from the hip. I knew that if I was behind schedule Akash would tell me and if he made a complimentary remark I’d 100% know that I was on point.


Akash would also occasionally bring Adam into the process to consult on all things nutrition and supplementation so it felt like I had a support team and not just a coach. He even introduced me to a phenomenal posing coach to ensure I was able to display my physique in the best possible light when I was on stage.


In the final weeks and hours of both show preps, Akash was pretty much in contact 24/7. Continuously on hand to make adjustments and always providing reassurance during the peaking process. He also made a point to be there to support me at the show which was very much appreciated.


My name is Ketan. I am married, and we have one son of 9 and a nice little puppy! A finance graduate, I work in Private Equity (a finance job), and also now run my own fitness studio business. I have always looked at fitness as an ability to do better, be successful, be more popular, etc. However, I’ve struggled to lose weight and feel confident with my looks, and general self worth. But, somehow I never really understood what it takes to achieve this goal physique. As a result, I was always a skinny fat boy.


But since 2009, I have made conscious efforts to control my eating, train as regularly as possible, and do some cardio. As a result, from an 89-90 kg fat boy, I became a leaner 75-78 kg guy, who was always somehow considered thinner than the rest of my friends. The only thing that always nagged me forever was my very South-Indian stomach which never ever really melted away despite drastic loss of body fat and weight in the rest of my body. I and everyone around meblamed it on genetics, and thought this needed some special escape velocity to get ahead of.


I grew up watching a lot of action movies: Rocky, Rambo, Commando, amongst others – my favorite stars being Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, and the likes. He-Man and other GI Joe characters also molded my mind into making me more desirous of a goal well built physique. I had spectacles, always felt I was a weakling, and had a paunch. As a result, I was under-confident about all abilities – including work and fame.


I literally tried over 30 (no kidding!) diets and workout programs (online and offline) with minimal results, and even if I did get results, they were far too extreme and not sustainable. I had plenty of different types of training – gyms, crossfit, karate, Krav Maga, sports agility training, bodyweight training, yoga, MMA, etc. with as many different coaches. I eventually got to being “fitter” than most of my colleagues and friends but never that enviable body. So I looked good with clothes on, but a mess with a paunch without them = no beach body!


I started a new gym business in 2016 given my passion and desire for fitness, and each year, I got a little fitter. My partner got me looking very good last December, but not without a grueling regimen. I funnily bounced back and became “chubby” again. All my hard work seemed to have gone. I still could not get my stomach to completely go away, reveal my abs, and then keep it that way whilst on a regular maintenance diet.


In the meanwhile, I planned to launch my business online, so I had to experiment with myself. I also tried various online cookie cutter programs from Instagram coaches – good, but with the same yoyo effects. I wanted to make a change, and needed someone to coach me through a simple program.


That’s when I found RNT Fitness on Instagram – these guys were different. They were more expensive than others, but because nothing about them was standardized or template-based. They were extremely precise about my lifestyle, tailoring the program to my fitness levels, my goals and my timeframe. And their “claimed” transformations looked unreal, but consistent. I decided to jump in, and try them out and chose an ambitious goal (getting ripped in 50 days, to begin with) – so I signed up for their remote online coaching program.


I’ve worked with RNT for the past 17 weeks. We have worked on the most simple processes – getting a minimum in, doing NEAT, eating simple and nutritious food, minimal cheat meals (unless life throws a curveball or its an occasion), etc. They was meticulous, detailed and always reassuring. Perfect guys to mould anyone’s physique from afar. However, it was the simple detailed check-ins that make all the difference – you have to do it, the coach will not / should not chase you down.


It surely takes effort to lose weight, but as long as it in the list of high priorities, it can be done. Breaking down the day, into simple tasks – fasted cardio, meals, training, rest, and right supplementation go a long way in getting you there. Remembering to keep everything non-negotiable, even if the world (especially here in India) thinks you are insane, is the most important key that helped me get my results.


I am now doing a reverse diet to bring my body carefully into maintenance mode. Thereafter I will look to build some muscle mass over a lengthy period of time. I have serious admiration for Akash for building RNT Fitness; Akash not only helped me understand what online coaching is all about from a client’s perspective, but gotten me downright peeled and shredded, and also given me the tools to live a healthier lifestyle myself.


Also living in Crawley, I’d heard from various members around the local area that Adam was the ‘go-to’ trainer.


After a brief meeting in person, he set some plans up taking my kids and lifestyle into consideration. Although still a work in progress visually, from a health standpoint my blood pressure, cholesterol and liver values have all improved dramatically.


This time round we’ve decided to switch things up and I’m currently working with Adams colleague, Akash. He’s just as detail oriented and is meticulous in both his training and nutritional plans. I can’t recommend either of these highly enough!


A few months of traveling while building my online business involved poor food choices and losing structure with my training and diet, on top of that a few injuries along the way – partly from that lack of structure – were keeping me from enjoying my training and get the best out of it. My body wasn´t happy with it, neither was I.


After a couple months of getting back into a proper training structure I realised if I wanted to maximize my efforts, I needed to plan my nutrition accordingly. I knew that I needed a clear goal (with a deadline) and someone to help me achieve it, and couldn´t think of anyone better than Akash for this.


There are a few reasons why I chose Akash, such as his proven record of results with people looking for a similar outcome than what I had in mind. The fact that he has done it himself. And on top of this what I really liked about his coaching is that he makes it simple by focusing on what is practical for you, your lifestyle, your habits and your tastebuds. It doesn´t matter how good a plan is if you can´t follow it, you need a plan that will work for YOU. Akash knows how to plan and adjust so you can follow the plan. He actually made it easy for me to follow!


Did we achieve our goal? Well.. the goal was to lose fat while looking “full” for a shoot and the deadline was 8 weeks. By the end of it the results were even better than I could´ve asked for, not only we kept my muscle mass intact but I even looked bigger than before, and was considerably leaner!


When I met Adam I was at my wits end, trying to lose weight on my thighs. Nothing seemed to work and I was reading so many conflicting articles on cardio, HIIT and weight training, not to mention all the food myths! It was that bad that just before I reached out to Adam, I was looking into minor cosmetic surgery on my legs.


Within a couple of months of training and making some lifestyle changes, I was on holiday, two dress sizes smaller, wearing my old shorts which hadn’t happened in years! I finally felt like myself again.


Working with Adam has been truly life changing. I can’t imagine being the person I was before and I am so grateful to him and RNT. These guys offer something that’s really hard to find; a trainer who understands that you are different to the next person and that each client requires a different approach. Thank you so much!


It’s criminal how much time an effort I’ve wasted over the years training and never really getting anywhere with it. Since working with RNT, I’ve learnt that there’s nothing mystical or up to chance about changing your body composition. It’s very simple, and it can be measured and modified to achieve the results you’re after like anything else. It’s scientific, and data driven, which was key for me.


My coach Nathan was always very responsive in answering questions and offering guidance, with a good amount of pressure. The weekly check ins made sure I kept things on track too, as well as the odd newsletter and podcast they throw at you along the way!


I’d recommend RNT to any of my friends and family, and in fact, I came across RNT after I was taken by shock after seeing the pictures of a friend of mine, Rashid, who got into unbelievable shape with them. When I saw his pictures, I signed up the same day!


I’m in the shape of my life now, and would just like to say a huge thanks to Nathan and RNT. If you can get us as big as you’ve got us lean, I’m going to be one hench dude!


I have achieved more in my 6 months with Ben than i have in the prior 6 years. I lost 12kg, look much more muscular and can see my abs for the first time at 39 years old. This is while holding down a 50+ hour a week job and not sacrificing time with my wife and three children. Ben & RNT get results!


After 2 big injuries in as many years, coupled with the increased pressure of work and family life, my general level of activity had decreased and I found myself slowly but surely adding on weight with reduced energy overall. It was at this point that I decided to get back into shape before it was too late and before I hit the big 4-0 in two years time. I found Akash on Facebook, made the contact and decided to join the RNT journey.


Its been a fantastic 6 months and with his training and nutrition guidance, plus the real life experiences that Akash has in this field, he has helped me to get into the best shape of my life.


I never in a million years though I could look like this, but it just goes to show that with the commitment, will and determination, coupled with the right trainer who knows what they are talking about and supports you all the way, anything is possible!


I can’t thank Akash enough and I look forward to the next phase of my RNT training.


Coming into RNT, I had several years of training under my belt. I read a lot and was decently strong for my bodyweight. I thought my diet was perfect and I knew everything.. except I wasn’t getting the body composition results I wanted. I was able to cut down about 12lbs on my own but I was stuck. I thought this was the best I could get. Then I took a flier and decided to sign up with RNT for 1 month. Ben’s coaching was fantastic. My preconceived notions on eating were put to rest and I was really put on the right track instead of continuing to spin my wheels. In that month, we made some aggressive cuts and the body composition goals I thought were impossible for me .. suddenly were possible and actually happened! From how much fat I was carrying, not realising that foods don’t just fit into “healthy”: eat as much as you want and “unhealthy”: don’t eat that, to fasting strategies to manage appetite, to really understanding how light I actually had to get to lean out.. these guys were the best at coaching me through everything. I actually ended up signing up for a second month, not to cut further but because my goals had changed from fat loss to long term mass gain and I knew that Ben would put me on the right path moving forward! Wish I had found out about RNT years ago!


I first got into fitness a couple of years ago, and spent a lot of time trying various diets and workout combinations. I worked with other renowned trainers but was not able to get to the sculpted look that I wanted, and that was so important for me in my profession as an actor.. About 6 months ago, I got in touch with Akash. The workouts given to me along with the diet was the perfect combination. But the real value in what Akash and RNT provide is in the continuous tweaking, following up and personalised touch. That’s what allowed me to achieve my goal!


Growing up, I was the classic “skinny fat” Gujarati boy.  I had been a regular gym goer for 3 years but I didn’t have too much to show for it. I went from program to program, confused as to whether I should try to gain muscle or lose fat.


I got in touch with Akash for the primary reason that he had achieved amazing results with guys like me: vegetarians working long and unpredictable hours. I felt like I knew what I was doing in the gym, so online coaching was perfect for me. It was guidance on nutrition, and overall accountability that I desperately needed. Doubling up on this accountability, my flatmate Kai and I both decided to sign up, thus commencing the #RaceToAbs.


I really bought into the science behind the RNT method. Kai and I are naturally inquisitive, so we asked our fair share of questions, sparking some interesting debates!


As the days went by, it dawned on me that consistency was the reason I was now seeing results. Consistency with the various “levers” i.e. calories, steps, cardio, training. Akash to guided me as to when we needed to grind harder and the accountability he gave me ensured I kept ticking these boxes and making progress, even when the low points came. And there were some low points, when carbs were low and training/cardio minutes were high. Life constantly felt like a long uphill battle…or rather, a long incline treadmill walk..! Even when I fell off the wagon on a work trip to New York, and made significant backwards progress, he encouraged me to use my disappointment as motivation to push as hard as I possibly could until the end.


I am really pleased with my progress, and that I finally managed to get a few abs out. Akash proved to me that genetics and dietary restrictions were just excuses. I also learnt that even if I get off track on a particular day, progress is just healthy meal/good workout away.


Now it is time to get strong and pack on some size, before I call on Akash again for transformation number 2!


Trying to balance a job in a bank, a social life and revising for the CFA meant that gym and a healthy lifestyle had really taken a back seat over the last few years. I was convincing myself that I looked good because I ‘filled out’ a shirt, but failed to account for the fact that I was carrying a lot more fat than muscle!


I didn’t really know online coaching was a thing, but a couple of my friends had seen really good results working with Akash- I thought I may as well give it a go. At first I thought signing up would have just meant a gym and diet plan, and whilst this was an important aspect, there was a lot more to it. The constant adjustments Akash was making week on week ensured that I was consistently progressing, and the accountability from having a coach meant I was motivated throughout the whole process, especially during the grind!


Akash was also coaching my flatmate Saagar, and in comparing our ‘plans’ I found they were completely different, which showed his attention to detail based on our individual circumstances- the real value comes from this personal touch.


I had tried to get healthy numerous times in the past and never seen any real results. I have now seen first hand the difference between trying to do it yourself versus doing it with guidance; I cannot reiterate the importance of having a good coach to help you through the process. For the first time in my life I can finally see some abs, which I never thought would have been possible!


I can’t thank Akash enough, and would definitely recommend RNT to anyone who wants to see results. Next step- get his advice on how to pack on some mass!


When living with Akash at university, I observed his daily routine and tried copying a few things here and there. I was always half heartedly going to the gym/eating healthy but never saw much progression and it was 1 step forward and 2 steps back.


Towards the end of last year, I then decided to go all in and call Akash so he could push me into getting leaner by mid 2018. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Initially it was tough consuming the amount of food he was giving me, and then a few months later I was always telling him I wanted more and more because I was starving! As you can imagine there were many ups and downs, a few holidays in between set me back a little too but the two main things I learnt was consistency is key and portion control is huge! I never realised how much I was under/over eating everyday until I started weighing my food.


The level of service at RNT is up there with the best. They provide so much more than just a workout and diet plan. Akash kept me in check when motivation levels (and hunger levels!) were low and pushed me to my limit. I’m 15kg lighter and have lost over 10% body fat and couldn’t be happier with the results. Akash’s commitment and dedication to every single client is unreal.


Thank you again, it’s been a hell of a journey. I’ve been on a high today after the shoot because it felt really good so I’m glad I actually did it and that we finally got there in the end. I’ll definitely be back for a bulk!


If you want serious results, I couldn’t recommend RNT any more! Make the step like I did and you won’t regret it.